The MNJ Voted Concerns raised about Sheriff’s Captain #5 top story of 2013?

2013 Top Local Stories: Concerns raised about sheriff’s captain

Hell I’m still curious about this story posted back in June on the Sheriff’s facebook page.

Danielle M. Ralph, 23 (aka Behr) was arrested at approximately 0204 hours on June 22, 2013. She was served warrants for Interference with Custody, a felony of the 5th degree, and Contempt of Court. She remains incarcerated in the Richland County Jail with no bond. The children were returned by Sheriff’s Deputies to their legal custodian, Aaron Behr, their father. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public and the media for their cooperation in this investigation/apprehension.

Major Dale Fortney
Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Where does Major Dale Fortney stack up?    He was first FIRED, then RETIRED. Now he’s allowed to collect UNEMPLOYMENT after being said to have RETIRED? Things that make you say hmmm?
This should be the NUMBER ONE story, and once again coming out of the corrupt Sheriff’s office.
I also find it funny how a few others retired as well not getting the same attention? Appears there’s some fishy business going on within the ranks in which I find makes me curious.
What also makes me curious is how the MNJ is not reporting much since the departure of Jami Kinton and David Kennard? Remember the letter I received from Gannett that depicted I stop immediately refuting their crap in the paper, if not here you can play catch up on what’s been going on.
Appears the fallout had something to do with the News coming out of the Sheriff’s Department on their facebook vs the turn on what Jami was reporting through the MNJ. Sounds like the conflict resulted in whomever was running the facebook account to recognize a NEW news agency as they welcome Richland Source on their facebook account?
The Richland County Sherriff’s Office would like to welcome Richland Source, a new media source for North Central Ohio. Check it out at
Appears there may have been a conflict in exclusive rights the MNJ thought they had on the news? Which in turn has caused everyone to go quiet as their information systems imploded by getting exposed by the MP.
Remember the guy who used the fake facebook account called “Drew Tyler”? – he/she said the MP sites were not making a difference or had anything to do with what was happening in the NEWS. Another thing that makes you say hmmm?
I’ve got news for them, the MP site will endure their attacks and will wait for their rise again. It may be quiet now, but we all know how that is when there’s elections coming, want to keep the truth on the down low. Won’t happen here, for the TRUTH in all of this is coming whether they like it or not. If dad can endure 37 months captive in the hands of Communist China, then his son can endure any pain THEY think they can impose here on U.S. soil
Stay focused my friends, their day of reckoning is coming as more and more become aware on the outside of Richland County on what’s happening here. Oppression at its best!, shall cease to exist as long as I have anything to do with it.
Want to be a part of positive change?, join us on facebook where we are here today, and there tomorrow as we grow our team of neighbors who like you are here looking for the way to change this. The people will endure, and as God has promised, he will eventually send us the right people to do it!
Join us here for positive change to get back our civil liberties and to end corruption once and for all!

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