The Mike Skidmore Appeal is filed! – Randy Shepherd speaks out even though Amicus Curiae goes unanswered.


Well friends it appears Mike Skidmore has officially requested an appeal in his wrongful convictions of Obstruction of official business and inducing panic! As we all know the other 2 charges of assault can be overturned as well being in self defense!

Lets see if Randy is happy being the Judge of record signed this?

Yes, Judge DeWeese has FINALLY appeared on the record?


Phil Sydnor Prayers with Vicki Skidmore that justice makes its way in this case! 👍
Phil Sydnor
Phil Sydnor Don’t let this get buried, we need to stay on top of this fraud 👍
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd You are now both selectively blind and purposely ignorant. That is a forgery of judge DeWeeses signature? How do I know? I
Am a student of law. Why are you fooled, because you are a fool. Ya want me the explain or enlighten you then ask do not attempt to rewrite the fraud ( on its face) that you proclaim to be public record therefore true. Here is a hint the judges signature is the very last thing placed on a real judgment entry? All
Other type faced wording must appear before the real judge and nothing maybe added to the record after it is endorsed. Due diligence is not waiting. Secondly the other two entries you have obtained through diligence do not exhibit the same signature??
A real judge could not sign this paper with a proof of service below his signature? Any script appearing on this document cannot appear on a Judgment Entry. Why you may ask? How do we the people know when it was applied before the judge signed it or after?? Let’s CONsider “JB” who put that on the record? Was it there before the judge signed it or is it evidence that this record was changed to any degree after it was signed? Who is JB and why is JB on a judgment entry in script?? Once again and with no animosity these facts are evident in our state rules of practice..
If you took time and applied due diligence to understand by your own
Volition what A Judgment Entry Is. You may only accept what you have posted as a fraud. Simply google “judgement entry”, I found it is defined by civil
Rule 58?? There is a similar criminal rule but the exact number escapes me right now. So in short I and the people do not accept this fraud as Entry of Judgment..
It proves one thing who ever signed the other two was not a judge and neither is this one!! Remember a judge ( certified representative of the judicial branch) only appears through signature on entry of judgment that is lawful
Proper and just.. This fraud fails the test on many levels.
Phil Sydnor
Phil Sydnor You can prove this fraud you know? We can go to Judge DeWeeses home, I will record you calling him out. 👍😄👍
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd Ok and for an example of a judgment entry. The one I gave you from the Appelate court 2008 ca O334. The only script on it is by 3 Judges. That is because 3 judges Hear the case at the Appelate/state court level. No proof of service included as it is not allowed and is to be on a separate sheet signed and also filed? Note all other on that one page is in type face and prepared by machine of some kind. That is what our the people’s rule mandates/requires.
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd He had nothing to do with this. Nothing at all. If you wish to call anyone out it is Linda Frary for perpetuating the fraud and Garry Dalby for creating it. Properly Linda should have rejected it and now must unfile iit. What the hell do you mean go the James DeWeeses home to invade his privacy? Damn are you twisted.
Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor You think he is a fraud on the record, so prove it?

It don’t get anymore twisted than that! 👍

Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd As the old story goes the proof of fraud is in your hands?? Do you understand what forgery is? When Simone writes Simone else’s name on an official looking fraud document, that is forgery? If the victim of this type of identity theft happens to be an elected judge that is a state and federal offense you have the proof go get Drew..
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd Dumb ass the fact you have THE fraud in your hands is proof fraud was. Omitted by some one. That someone has boiled down to the magistrate of court? For the municipal court it is Phil
naumhoff/ to the best of my knowledge the magistrate of the court of common pleas is Dalby those are the creators of fraud and those are the ones using forgery and or rubber stamp names.

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