The Mayor of Mansfield speaks for all Mansfielders, Great job?


City pulls affiliation from racetrack fireworks show

Lou Whitmire,


Mansfield Raceway, under the ownership of Grant Milliron, last year announced that Kevin Ruic, 71, of Avon Lake, would promote a series of events in 2015 at the track on Crall Road.

In a letter dated Feb. 13, 2015, to Ruic, Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker said the city has determined it will “have no affiliation or endorsement of your organization’s event to be held July 4, 2015.” The News Journal obtained the letter through a public records request.

“This includes any and all advertising or promoting,” the letter said. “The city further requests that you not use the phrase, ‘Mansfield Freedom Festival’ in promoting your event, as we do not wish to give the impression that we sponsor or endorse your event. … Finally, if you are in need of traffic control and/or security for your event, that must be solely arranged by you and at your cost.”

Mansfield attorney Eric Miller told Theaker the city “should not provide economic aid to so-called ‘job-creators’ when their jobs and their influence in the community will be tinged with as much hatred as they can possibly get away with.”

Numerous posts that people could consider offensive can be seen on Ruic’s Facebook page.

I am all for free speech and telling it like it is yet have to agree these remarks are are above and beyond what we need as a community event such as this. Its a sad day for sure, how ever this glass house Mayor should let the people decide. My question in this associaton issue WHY would the City provide a free service for one business and not others anyways? I question why Mansfield City puts its good name in jeopardy promoting ANY event not knowing this before hand? It appears others knew this mans antics yet the City did not? – MP Admin11069947_10205470965247615_5186328128626967852_n

“Racist rants like Mr. Ruic’s are really intended to set the stage for segregation enforced by violence,” Miller said in a Dec. 17 letter he wrote to Theaker. “Regardless of what laws are on the books, a return to Jim Crow is possible if people like Mr. Ruic create an atmosphere of paranoid racial hatred. So, any apology he issues is simply a tactical move so he can bide his time until the community appears more ready to hear his message. People who remain silent in the face of that message can go from being an overwhelming majority, to perceiving themselves as a minority in danger of being beaten for speaking out. Those kinds of transitions can occur fairly quickly, and the way to stop it in any community is to speak out forcefully in the first instance.”

This Mansfield Attorney has it right, speak out against wrong doing among City officials and see what happens? How ever unlike Mr Ruic they will not use a real name, they will hide behind anonymous to attack public opinion.  I personally have endured their mouthpiece Drew Tyler’s slanderous and wrongful attacks yet the officials won’t denounce this, just say when you go looking for trouble you bring it to your own doorsteps! Sure will be interesting what comes of this being Mansfield can’t undo their mistake in who they do business with, so STAY OUT OF BUSINESS for this is what happens when you associate with the wrong people. They get exposed, and you will too! More to come I am sure



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