The Mansfield News Journal Brighten a Christmas features plugging for favorite stores?

I know this sounds negative, but I know I’m not alone in this! What the hell is with the News Journal? I can understand folks wanting to brighten a Christmas, but these articles are really getting my goat. This is NOT what Christmas is about, and putting this our there in your paper should bother folks more than wanting to help, unless they to have the same view on Christmas being more for those who think they deserve these things and where they want them from. I personally am not in the position to help giving anything because of this Countries current economic situation, but would like to see if you’re going to publicly BEG for our help, should it matter where you get these things? This sounds like what a gal told me about a situation with a pan handler where she gave a guy $5 bucks and he said…is that all? I find it alarming that people today in need would have the gall to specify where they do business, and businesses especially like Walmart that condone Corporate Welfare to boot!; then we sit and wonder what’s happened to this Country?

Here are a couple of examples I am in reference of…

Brighten a Christmas Case 12: Family must start over

Brighten A Christmas: Family of three takes in two nieces

Don’t take this personal, but lets get this Country back to the days when people in need had a little humility. Seeing too many being brought into this World thinking they deserve more than the next guy and are not to proud to beg. (Annoyed) When you see this coming from Corporate News!

Get a grip, it’s one thing to ask for things you need, but to ask where to purchase these things are over the top and quite frankly a TURN OFF for more than you think!

Just telling it like it is, for those who would rather say nothing because they know you will be attacked, not skeered here folks, been there, done that.

Want to brighten a Christmas?, tell me about it and I will not plug where I work, but will help you where I can, on how much you pay for it (smile).


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