The Debate was eye opening, not good for the Incumbents.

The Commissioners debate started the night out, not good for incumbent Tim Wert who appeared over shadowed by both Morgenstern and Banks going back and forth with each other. This race in my opinion will come down to one of them. I did learn a few things how ever there is much more to debate if I can get aggressive enough to get the signatures I need to get into this. Yes I can boo hoo not knowing the law early on that allowed me to waste time campaigning as a Republican last fall due to misinformation from the Board of Elections. Yes in October I only needed 25 signatures, now needing 329 – time to get going knowing I can hold my own against what we have now. Much more to discuss when it comes to what needs cut before taxes are raised, like jobs being made for the good old boys. The fired APA Supervisor came to mind.

Maurice King showed up in support of putting his 2 cents in on how he feels this administration has turned a blind eye, so did the crowd by the way! Not good for the incumbant being short on supporters compared to Jerry Botdorf.



Richland Source Tells it like it is!

Fireworks part of GOP sheriff’s debate

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