The Craigslist posse – should we be concerned – ROTFLMAO…

Johnny boy is trying to make it sound like he has a posse of support, on craigslist of all places because they fear facebook and other social networks where you have to create a real account or get shut down. As you can see in their writing, or shall I say his writing – lol –  that they or he didn’t like it when banned for having a “fake” account.

There’s a pretty BIG difference in what I share and what and how they share their perspectives. I share the TRUTH, what they don’t like, and why they rant and rave in the dark of day! These are the same kind of COWARDS our vets fight on a daily basis, and we wonder why we have sent them abroad when the terrorists are here! The good news is we are getting to them, why else would they cry like a bunch of school girls on craigslist instead of growing a pair and meeting up face to face on facebook or where I work, after all these thugs do know where I work.

This is the last attention I give them knowing it’s all these sociopaths and narcissists want, “attention” that their mommy’s did not give them.

Look at their previous posts, these potty mouth punks think they can make us believe they are educated, have nice things, and we are ALL beneath them. LOL – I guess this is why they use craigslist and don’t want anyone to know who they are? This is typical of those who work for us, just look at the latest, they believe they have “immunity” against harassment!        Sorry my little fragile friends, there’s a HUGE difference in the law when it comes to being a public employee and a private citizen. Keep hiding, they’ll get you soon enough!  “They” being, the law of karma…


Poor Phil lmao

Awww, poor little Phil.  He thought he had such wonderful support from the community and that they would back him on his sorry ass cut and paste website.  Now he is finding out that I am not the only one who thinks he is the laughingstock of ABC Warehouse or in fact, the entire community.  He has accomplished absolutely nothing with his cut and paste website and he goes home crying every time he is called to the front of the class, gets his ass spanked like the little school girl he is and sent home crying.  He sent an email to the Sheriff’s Dept and they basically told him to piss off lol, he then called the Attorney Generals office on me and they laughed at him and told him to get a life and then he supposedly even called Ohio BCI on me and this is unconfirmed because he refused to give me the name of the BCI agent he talked to.  Then he said something about calling the ethics board, not sure who they report to but yet, I am still here, still speaking my mind and he has done nothing about it.  I take that back, he got so mad at me he blocked me from his cut and paste website (I’m still in awe over that because he claims that your opinions will not be censored there, yet if he don’t like what you have to say, he blocks you.  Sounds like censoring to me.)  Anyone who has ever read one of his posts even under his tons of aliases knows that ole Philly is the one posting and yet he is still talking in the third person as if someone were actually defending him.  I see he has not taken the advice of many people and sought mental help yet, either that or the mental health professional slammed the door on him because he really is nuts.  With all him ranting and raving on here, one has to know he does it at his job slinging washing machines.  The only person who ever comes to his defense is his gay bar hopping boyfriend TimeStupid.  But hey Phillip, didn’t want you to think I wasn’t still around.  Just been enjoying the others who are telling you to piss off like I have been doing for several years now.  And guess what loserboy….I’m still here…your alleged attorneys haven’t sued me and I aint in jail like you promised.  And your boyfriends threats to have his “undergound people” make me part of a bridge in Columbus haven’t become a reality either.  All I can say is I hope you plan on leaving more than this as your “legacy” because up to this point, all you are judged as is a nutjob, wife beating, dead end loser.  Enjoy your day 🙂

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oh Poor Phil the Pill

No one is trying to take away any of your rights.  But the fact is you are an UNSTABLE LOSER.  You sound like a lunatic and you have had a boner for this Mayer guy for years and when someone attacks you like you attack him you cry like a little bitch pretending to defend yourself in the third person.  It is obvious, we all have your number.  Nobody but a pothead off facebook named Times Up who has a third grade education and a convicted felon creeper of children ever came to your defense.    You do have a menial job, yet you tear someone else down for working at the mall or hospital.  It’s disgusting YOU CAN DISH IT OUT YET YOU CAN’T TAKE IT.  For YEARS now you keep saying something big is going to happen, and so far PHIILY BOY BLUE you have not accomplished anything big.  The only thing you have accomplished is you have no friends and a copy and paste website that you post remarks on to yourself lol.  No one at your job can stand you, your family is a bunch of little kentucky billies and you even drive a piece of shit.  SO say everyone is stalking you, say this is all the fault of the liberals and deflect from the fact that you are a complete loser with no friends. The only friends you have are the ones in your head that come to your defense.  WHEN IS THIS BIG THING GOING TO HAPPEN PHIL-DO YOU ALWAYS CLAIM IS GOING TO HAPPEN  FOR YEARS NOW?  I WOULDN’T BRAG EITHER ABOUT GETTING MORE SEX THAN SOMEONE ELSE, I HAVE MET YOUR WIFE, NOT SOMETHING I WOULD BRAG ABOUT.

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Beware Puddin Tane

If you ever get an email from PUDDIN TANE its Phil from ABC trying to get you to post back.  He is just dying to know who we all are, trying to call us out.  Phil you are a loser.  Maybe your wife will take her teeth out tonight, let you unload a nice big load in her ugly mug.

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re……that will never be nothing meaningful in life!!!

Well Phil not all of us can be minimum wage sales people at ABC Warehouse!  I mean your life is so meaningful with a copy and paste website that is written by a tv salesman who is always claiming something big is going to happen for years and so far has accomplished NADA!

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Hey phil

is your ass still jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth?  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Still got me on your cut and paste site huh Phil lol

I don’t know whether to be embarrassed of still ROTFLMFAO at your cut and paste site Philly.  I had to go look and see if you made any changes to it and its still the same piece of shit site it always was.  I love the first page where you put at the bottom “home security due to threats”.  Are you still trying to make people believe you were not behind that alleged threat at your job.  And hey, when I looked at the first posting under my name it said something about exposing who Drew Tyler was, well he is the same person that beat you into the ground, took you on head to head and spanked your sorry ass and sent you home crying to your boyfriend TimeStupid.  I haven’t went anywhere.  Even with all the calls to the Sheriff’s Dept, allegedly BCI and Attorney General’s Office, I’m still right here.  I love reading the rants and raves where so many people have finally seen you for what you are…A FAKE!  So who you gonna call now?  Lets see, Easter is coming, how about the Easter Bunny.  As always, you leave me ROTFLMFAO….again and again and again.

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Reply to:


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This Phil character has a lot of nerve inviting folks to his place of employment.  The comment on his site about ‘growing a pair’ and ‘meeting up face to face’ has been forwarded to corporate.  That is a threat and should not be tolerated.  ABC Warehouse is a place of employment, not a place to discuss politics and cry about facebook posts.  For years I’ve seen his attacks on others, creating multiple accounts on the MNJ site, and now this facebook and craigslist crap.  His rebuttals are nonsense and no one fears him or his site.  However,  he’s clearly crazy with a short fuse, why on earth would anyone want to reveal their true identity!!!!!!  He’s not making a difference and NO CHANGE IS COMING!  Phil, you are the one who should be charged with harassment my fragile friend.  For the record, I’ve never posted here about you, so DO NOT group me with the regular ranters.

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