The Corrupt in Richland County are under investigation, tick tick tick. More to come!

Hi Phil! How is it going? Any progress with finding proof of Drew Tyler’s real identity? I know for a fact someone (and I’m 99% positive it was Eichinger) was emailing back and forth with Jim Wetzel. I made another public records request to RCSO and received in the cd were emails between Wetzel and the RCSO. Just thought I would fill you in. – It appears others are now on to who’s behind the Drew Tyler account, thank you, Drew thinks their Philly dilly is alone when in reality their supporters on their hate page have ran not wanting anything to do with what’s to come!

Richland County Ohio corruption is coming to a head. Yes, tick tick tick.

Look, its Byron the prostitute stalker lol. And ooooh am I supposed to be intimidated because you called me by my last name…at least I have the balls to post on here under my real name. And guess what, as always your wrong, I have never been known as “gambi” or anyone else before Facebook. As far as Phil Sydnor goes, he contacted me asking me to join his Mansifeld Perspectives FB and well seeing who his acquaintences are on there, namely loses like you…I decided that I would pass. Don’t get upset Byron because you are facing criminal charges for stalking a prostitute and that says a lot about your “manliness” when a woman who gets paid for her services won’t give you hers lol. You can go back to Mansfielders Perspective FB page now because your opinions are as they always are and will be…worthless…just like you are. Let us know how your criminal case comes out. By the way, as I did before…you are dismissed.

“You are dismissed” for now lol! It’s amazing what one can find in public records, aka emails lol! 

You can find more to dismiss here!


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