The Brief filed 4-24-17, Mike Skidmore appeals CONvictions.


Comment your perspective on this appeal. I believe Attorney William Norman did Mike Skidmore justice on a well written brief that clearly shows derliction of duty and a less than balanced trial, hope to see this one reversed.

Yes, I agree it was planned. By Tim Norris and his friends Matt Mayer seen below in defiance as you see him at the Skidmore trial with badge reversed.

Watch the following videos of the confrontation this brief explains as being the primary reason for Mr Skidmores fear he could be attacked again. I cant believe they were allowed to testify, especially Norris who broke policy for his use of deadly force. Later in which he resigned rather than face discipline (shown below).

Video from Mike Skidmore youtube channel…

Randy Shepherd here on 5/13/15 – still having issues with records request.

Here the head of Court Employees seen here harassing Mr Skidmore and Mr Shepherd not breaking the law as the appeal depicts. Harassment no 2 ways about it.

Here we have another “Court Employee” speaking for public official and once again saying none of your business who I am?

The entire recording of the July 9th 2015 Public Meeting in which Tim Norris recklessly fired weapon beyond policy as seen in above disciplinary. So, WHY was he allowed to resign without charges. He SHOULD BE THE ONE getting obstruction of official business! It’s the publics meeting not his, lets not forget the fact it was Norris who induced panic, not Mr Skidmore who was defending himself against a man with a gun.

Drew Tyler, where are you? – Yes, you can block me on your “JOKESITE”, but you can’t block me here!

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