The AP Report on James Mayer goes to show you how stupid they think people are!

Richland County Prosecutor who kills himself was being sued by former inmate, AP reports

Come on, this is not James Mayers first rodeo with being sued by an inmate or otherwise, what makes this one any different? I have heard there’s a couple in prison who were going to pay him back for what he’s done to them when they get out, but to say he took his life over a LAWSUIT is quite laughable when we know how they collude against ANY Prosecution. Remember Drew Tyler saying you have to PROVE IT? What’s Drew Tyler going to say about this? This is the proof, or is it now be another questionable cover up for the people to now seek Justice since we know his counterpart won’t?

We now have Robinson as Judge from within his camp of deception and lies, now we have Banbi Couch I will not Prosecute my friends Page for we are birds of a feather!

What should we see as this moves forward? We should see how our Commissioners respond, after all THEY are the real reason for this happening, not some inmate filing a lawsuit, he’s just one of MANY still hanging on the books. This Executive Branch takeover is something the People of Richland County needs to pay close ATTENTION to for we have 2 more looking for office who both know how it works, they are seasoned Veterans of Collusion of you will. I can guarantee you IF James Mayer and MANY can get past a Federal Racketeering case they could have surely got past this case against his little bother, then they could have got past this? -or- is it that this one particularly the one that’s going to break the camels back?

Only time will tell as the Community on Facebook continues to grow and fight this corruption if we see this is the case. Surely there are MANY questions that need to be answered that led up to this, just the beginning of cover ups when they want you to believe this is isolated when there’s so much more they are NOT talking about?

I’m talking about a body dumped on Hull Rd, a girl who supposedly shot herself in the face just a week prior to being indicted on her part in the body dumping and the shooting of an unarmed man in his parents home in which we are STILL WAITING for a case to be filed after 6 months!!!!! Sure there’s been a lot of crime here as of late as their system unravels through cover ups and injustices here, and some want to blame the expose of Mansfielders Perspective for this?, come on! – Take some responsibility Commissioners, everything WRONG is your fault, not mine or this group created to refute this kind of BS! UNLESS you have an ¬†eyewitness to James taking his life, I’m not buying it! – He’s such a nice guy they say????, then I say it’s hard to know a narcissistic sociopath meaning who do you trust? God is a good start, not this mans close bud Judge DeWeese, as you see they are setting up this regime for years to come so IF you want to fix this we need a COMPLETE OVER HAUL before their next victim is you!

Wake up people, this is nothing NEW here. James handing us his head was waaaaay to easy, this is not over by a long shot. The people in power here don’t play games, yet blaming his death on a lawsuit id quite laughable in my opinion, or perspective?

Join us here if you have had enough, surely there will be more of the same if the people don’t take this serious!

This is the SHOCKER the Nation needed, now lets see what else comes from this. I find it hard to believe ONE MAN can collude ALL BY HIMSELF – DON’T BE FOOLED PEOPLE!!! – THE WALL OF SHAME WOULD NOT EXIST UNLESS THIS MAN WAS A LONE WOLF AND THIS BEING ISOLATED!

I want to know one of two things, IS THERE A WITNESS WHO SAW HIM, and is is TRUE his wife died from a heart attack from this? I’m skeptical and curious where Sheldons Raiders were when this happened? They are known to have ties to a lot of crimes that have been going on here as of late, ALL of which have ties to the drugs and thefts that are tearing up our communities.

I am hoping IF anything comes from this the community comes to realize some of us find it hard to believe he killed himself. I will be the first to say he was MURDERED knowing he’s gotten away with more than just a man who wrongfully spent 20 years in Prison, that’s what they have CORSA for, right?

There’s a COVER UP people, we lobbied for answers for Brian Garber, now we must do the same for James Mayer. Just saying, got a problem with this?, here’s you place to leave your complaint in writing unlike the ones that DON’T EXIST in the Clerks Office.

This is not isolated, more here!

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