That’s right Sheriff of Nottingham Steve Sheldon, we STILL want answers and will not give up until we get them!






Here’s how you refute the news when you are censored from speaking in many public forums, the TRUTH shall prevail, because we the people do question politics!

  Let’s not forget this posse witnessed 16 rounds being fired, 14 hitting the target – OVER KILL if you ask the public, maybe as a reminder you should read others comments on below related blogs from MNJ site. Surely there’s nothing they can do about my copy and paste, right Drew Tyler, the infamous defender of this BS? Once said NOTHING anyone can do anything about this, we shall see when this comes to a HEAD! No matter IF it takes YEARS like everything else here! – It’s amazing how the MNJ conveniently left out this small detail, the number of rounds fired, when there was obviously NO GUN! Which by the way this Deputy is telling everyone differently. Sound familiar? – Yes, the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR at this SAME watering hole told his tale of getting his job back soon was told there too! – HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR HIM?????

Steve SheldonThe question we should be asking is why this Sheriff allowed these men to return to duty before the investigation was complete, or a shooter named. As we have seen as of late how corrupt that don’t like what’s being said can do when they are allowed to remain on the force giving them access to anything and everything to harass those who oppose them. I do find it strikingly odd that we have 2 incidents that could have had the same outcome, yet did not? Is it the second had a different scenario because of the first?, that’s what the public thinks is the reason, the Sheriffs department is on NOTICE! Because of what happened with Brian Garber I would expect EVERYONE to protect themselves in one way or the other, I prefer the use of ip cams over guns, never a good ending, even like in the case in question and others of late, you don’t need a gun, just a made up witness and you can KILL ANYONE! That’s what this case indicates to me and others, NOBODY is safe if something like this can be taken so lightly like it has.  Let’s take a look at Kaitlin Durbins update on these situations as of late, shall we? – Article May 14th, 2014, TWO MONTHS LATER AND STILL NO ANSWERS…

Watchdog: One sheriff call ends in shooting, another in quiet arrest

Watchdog: One sheriff call ends in shooting, another in quiet arrest

One sheriff call ends in shooting, another in quiet arrest

May 14, 2014   |  

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Kaitlin Durbin

News Journal

MANSFIELD — Two similar but unrelated incidents in Richland County involving suspects believed to have been armed paint different pictures of Richland County Sheriff’s Office policy.

The first case resulted in Lexington man Brian Garber’s death. The second ended with the arrest of Ryan Seevers, of Bellville, on domestic violence assault charges.

Seevers, 33, was scheduled to appear in court on the charges two weeks ago, but never showed. Judge Frank Ardis has issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Each incident started as a domestic violence call; both suspects were said to have harmed their loved ones; both suspects were said to be acting out of character because of prescription pills or some other state-altering drug; both suspects had prior records with police — Garber for domestic violence and Seevers for drugs and alcohol use; and both suspects were said to have access to guns.

But how deputies handled the respective calls was very different.

“We make the determination based on the facts given to us,” sheriff’s Maj. Joe Masi said. “Every situation is different.”

Brian Garber

Garber, 28, was shot and killed by an unnamed Richland County Sheriff’s deputy around 8:30 p.m. March 16 after calls to 911 reported he had a gun at his parents’ house, 3400 Mill Run Road.  Come on, it’s been 2 months and this Deputy (Donald Zehner) has been running his mouth (bragging) about killing this kid. Then as of late completed a purchase on a $225,000 home on a Deputy’s salary

Deputies had been at Garber’s home across the street earlier that day to check a domestic violence report in which Garber was said to be hurting his wife and mother as a result of his depression medication. Key word “said” – Did Deputy’s “witness”, or are they just taking ones words out of context to justify the murder of a young man who some have said in defense of deputy who did this as “problem solved” – Maybe investigators need to pay a visit to MNJ posters who said this, surely they still have the comment archives from 2 months ago, right? If not, contact me where I work, THEY know where that is, and I will gladly share what I have.

Several deputies responded to the scene, four of whom entered the home while a fifth remained stationed outside. Garber was said to be in an upstairs bedroom and had been sending threatening messages to his wife.

Garber’s father, Matthew Garber, who was in the home at the time, said he waited downstairs while officers headed upstairs. He maintains that deputies never announced themselves before several shots sounded, despite it being a part of their policy. Keep also in mind at Brian’s showing BOTH mother and father said it was not what they expected, while the grandfather said there’s no help in Richland County for kids like this. How can that be with an area so chocked full of bureaucrats i.e. “Children Services”. Oh, that’s right, he was no longer a child with a disability and has made it to adulthood to leave children without a 2nd parent, sounds like a plan to me, Richland County is choked full of households divided through divorce etc. Oprah tried to help, yet had to sue and win in a lawsuit where she provided money for people like this, but Mansfield opted for Police cars instead? Funny how politics roll, even the members of “I LOVE MANSFIELD” group on facebook is no different, I will have a blog coming soon to expose this so-called open group full of deception. Many of which who belong will be shocked when they see how this group divides based on differing perspectives. That’s another story, for now lets focus on what should not be dragged out for YEARS like everything else in the hope many will die off or forget, shall we?

“Prior to discharging a firearm to protect human life or prevent the escape of a fleeing felon, employees shall identify themselves as a Sheriff’s Office employee and give warning of their intent to shoot, when feasible,” Section 11.2-B of the department’s policy reads. – This alone should have the BIG THREE in the executive branch calling for this mans job! Yet, they say nothing? – That’s how you roll, right Olsen, Utt, and Wert?


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil – It’s Collusion when you say NOTHING!… 

Sheriff Sgt. Jimmy Sweat said there are scenarios, despite policy, in which officers would not announce themselves based on the circumstances, but he added that in most cases deputies want subjects to know they are there.  They should EVERY TIME to avoid loss of life, especially theirs. The next home they raid unannounced could result differently, especially when there’s a REAL GUN involved, not one that is made up for unknown reasons. STILL, nobody asking what one message Mr Garber said he now has a gun too! – what did this mean, and who threatened him with a gun?

Sweat and Masi refused to comment on specifics of the Garber case, deferring all questions to the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which took over the investigation at the request of the sheriff’s office. If no wrong doing is found there will surely be collusion, just like the probationer who was shot and killed a year ago by MPD when it was said he had a gun, yet one was not found. Surely the people should be alarmed by this!, who’s next to said have a gun?

A warrant issued hours later said Garber was shot and killed after he confronted deputies with a firearm, but a list of evidence collected by BCI did not include a gun. It did include 16 spent casings and five recovered fired bullets. Yet the DEPUTY WHO MURDERED this young man has admitted in public at his local watering hole that he killed him because he did have a gun, so which is it? What the Deputy is telling the public, or what the BCI reported early on? NO GUN = MURDER – PERIOD!

The exact cause of the shooting remains under investigation. The EXACT cause is…at least 2 of these Deputies had something to cover up or hide before the public knows, and now it may go to the grave with Brian Garber? Then again, this may come out if and when this surely goes to trial in Civil Court?

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Ryan Seevers

A month later, deputies responded to the 6800 block of Follin Road for a different domestic violence call.

On April 14, suspect Ryan Seevers’ girlfriend told deputies that he was under the influence and had put his hands around her chest and neck and was damaging their residence. He later crashed a Ford Ranger into a pond near the house.

She added Seevers had several guns inside the residence and he had locked himself inside. He was alone in the home, Masi said.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they called for assistance from Allied Special Operation Response Team (ASORT) and the Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT), made up of officers from the Mansfield Police Department, Ontario Police Department and the sheriff’s office.

According to Richland County Sheriff’s Office policy, the teams are typically used in barricaded subject and hostage situations — neither of which applied in this case, according to Masi.

In an interview, Masi said Seevers’ case did not qualify as a barricaded subject because he had not blocked the doors to prevent officers from entering. HNT records obtained by the News Journal concerning the incident, however, label the call as a barricaded subject because Seevers would not respond when negotiators tried to contact him through his cellphone and over the public address system.

“I continued every four minutes, alternating back and forth from texting to leaving voice mails, for three hours to contact him (Seevers) on the phone,” Lt. Tommy Hill wrote in his after-action report. “It is believed that he did not have the phone in his possession.”

HNT members also noted in their reports that the door was unlocked when they entered the home.

Seevers was found “in a master bedroom in the rear of the house. He claimed he had been sleeping and did not hear us. Ryan was arrested without incident,” according to the HNT report.

Seevers did not receive charges relating to the standoff.

Involvement from ASORT and HNT cost involved agencies at least $2,041.81 in overtime and use of equipment, according to receipt records provided by each involved agency.

“Just because I handle something one way and get outcome A, and he handles something another way and gets outcome B, doesn’t mean that either of us are wrong,” Sweat said.
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Diane Schroer · Top Commenter · Clear Fork High School

It still makes me sick Brian had no chance to surrender. –  

STILL makes others sick they have not told the public who the shooter was! How ever we know…It was Donald Zehner a Deputy who has since purchased a $225,000 home on a Deputy’s salary???? If we should question anything, it’s the purchase of a NEW home with the trouble he is in, or SHOULD BE with his bragging in a local bar days after he MURDERED this man. Don’t believe me? – Public record shows…

PARID: 0181411408004
Sale Details
Valid Market Trans # Sale Type Sale Amount Deed Book Deed Page Sale Date Sale Source Sale
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