Thanks to Bill Freytag clearing the air on the Independent Petition, lets get this done!


Independent Phil Sydnor

After months of arguing over election petition details our questions have been answered and we owe it to Board of Elections Director Bill Freytag answering my questions. Now we can get on to the fun stuff, petitioning for your signatures to get on the November 8th ballot.

As we stood last October there was confusion being I am an Independent and voted Republican in the last major election it was said I would have to run as a Republican in the Primary. After getting signatures it was said with the addition of Bellville Mayor Darrell Banks they (Republican Party) were looking to take me out early. After plenty of arguments and reading the laws it was found there was an error in the Candidate Petition Instructions as you see here…

Original given October 2015 for Republican Petition

Original given October 2015 for Republican Petition

Ok, what started this can be found in the first blog that may have initiated the contact with Bill Freytag to clear up misinformation we shared on the following blog.

Facebook conversation regarding Independent candidacy for Commissioner in Richland County.

Since this blog I have received the following clarification from Director Bill Frey tag opening the door to start a last minute petition that needs to be validated no later than March 14th 2016. Nice guy really appreciate his help! – Lets hear how this goes shall we?

Corrected Candidate Petition Instructions…

Candidate Petition Instructions Corr.

Hope you enjoyed the process friends, now IF you want to see common sense and due diligence in office get out there and sign my petition.

Drew Tyler, speaker for corruption, deception and lies sent me a nice PM this morning, you should like this?

Drew Tyler


Drew Tyler

If you manage to get even half the signatures you need, that will be a shock lol. And how many of them will be disqualified because they will turn out to be non-registered voters or they will come from your lot of criminals lol. As far as your 2 friends go, one is a prostitute stalker and racist and the other attacked two security officers. If the security officers done something wrong as you claim, why were they not charged? There are exceptions to who can carry a firearm in a courthouse dumbass lol. So you mean to imply that if a deputy or police officer walks into a courthouse he/she must remove their firearm first? That just goes to show you how, on a Monday morning, a person of your intelligence can be so stupid and yet leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

Sounded like a challenge to me, GAME ON!!!! – Philly


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