Texas fugitive busted in Bellville – What’s so unusual about this?

Texas fugitive busted in Bellville

A police call to the Quality Inn in Bellville led to the arrest of one of the “Ten Most Wanted” in the state of Texas.”

Why is ANYONE surprised? We have a trade with Texas and many States along the Coast where we trade corrupt/retired cops for fugitives. This is Obama’s idea of “Spreading the Wealth” – None the less hats off to Bellville PD!

Thank God we allowed the BPD Jurisdiction to this area for we know what the RCSD would have done, swept it under the rug and we would have never heard about it. Kind of like what they are doing in the death of Brian Garber and the want to be nameless Student who brought a gun to school who supposedly stole it from his Deputy dad. Appears the Community would be safer looking out for itself, since those who work for us can’t even keep trouble from home from happening?

Wake up people, IF you’re not PISSED, you’re not paying ATTENTION!!!!!

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