Tell it like it is Betty Schartl of Mansfield

I just had to share Betty’s News Journal opinion…

I can’t wait to play Cowboy’s and “Freedom of Speech”, you can thank a Phil for opening this can of open your eyes! Time to refute ALL the liars!!!!! – Look, Patriots are popping up everywhere and the News Journal is too now getting their heads out of their arses and getting the word out. Anyone else notice how the MNJ is getting more and more out of the BULLCRAP business and becoming more fair and balanced?

Yes, I am giving them props for what appears they are doing, just curious though, are individual commentators are saying?

Seems voters were liedto about the Pride levy

and others are sick of it too! Maybe they need to join us here?

  • John Rutledge · Top Commenter · University of Michigan Ross School of Business

    You are surprised about being lied to? Where have you been living? As far as minimum manning being part of the firefighter contract…I have never seen a place, prior to moving here, where the Union sets staffing levels and limits promotion of Fire Chief to members of the local department exclusively. Those are management issues and should not be part of a labor contract.

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