Tamir Rice, Timothy McGinty result eerily similar to Brian Garber case?

No Charges in Tamir Rice Slaying – MNJ

Link to MNJ article removed, hmmm, I wonder why?

Tamir Rice

Sad event, from the person who made the 911 call, ┬áthe dispatch that left out details that the gun could be fake, to the cops who didn’t put themselves in a position to end this peacefully. Just as Deputy Frazier here who was quick to be some kind of hero when Brian Garber was in no position to harm anyone but himself.

Justice for Brian Garber continues…

A lot can be learned by this? Thank God when we were younger playing with toy guns in public folks were not so quick to judge. What a crappy world we live in today. 😢

I find it eerily similar that the people of Cleveland believe too that Timothy McGinty who also saw the Brian Garber make similar claims that he and his team swayed the secret jury to a no bill against these officers as well. Interesting indeed!

Funny how here the Officer who pulled the trigger to empty his clip on a young man in his room away from anyone in harms was claimed to be a danger because he said he had a gun (supposedly) when in REALITY only had a remote control for a toy?

Yes, it’s sad they are so quick to Judge, especially this particular cop who has part of another wrongful death, has harassed others, been in others homes illegally, and as of late was alleged as being covered up again in killing a puppy when entering yet another home illegally. Once again 911 involved in ordering a hit on the WRONG HOUSE!


One of These Is The Toy Gun Tamir Rice Was Holding: Prosecutors

Administrative review next for officers involved in Tamir Rice case

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