Tales from the cheat sheet – IF you don’t “study”, you’re just another dummy – lol!

MANSFIELD — Bob Beyer, operations manager for Workforce Solutions in Mansfield, theorized applicants either show up hoping the site won’t test for their particular drug or they plan to outsmart testers by cheating the urine test.

“If you go on the Internet, you can Google how to pass a drug test,” Beyer said. “It’s even specific for different drugs. Most (tips) are a bunch of crap, but some have been effective.”

For the 5 percent (of cheaters) we catch, there is probably another 5 percent we don’t catch,” Beyer said.

The test, which is always monitored by a lab technician, measures the temperature of the specimen as well as drug levels. Toni Shaum, the lab supervisor at Workable, a drug-testing collection site that serves most of Richland County, said a normal urine sample falls around 94 to 96 degrees, but the site is required to accept specimens ranging from 90 to 100 degrees.

Shaum has seen numerous tricks in her time at Workable. Schemes run the gauntlet from bringing in old urine, to someone else’s urine, to squeezing an infant’s urine from a diaper. People try to microwave urine; flood their system with water; drink the jelly additive Sure-Gel or use bleach crystals to cleanse their urine. Others try to dilute the specimen with toilet water, despite the bluing tablets that turn it green.

Also becoming more popular among men is the Whizzinator, a prosthetic penis that straps on to the body and is connected to a package of clean urine secured at the thigh. The drug-test cheating device can be purchased online for $140.

“It’s unbelievable what we go through,” Shaum said.” And then (failed test takers) get all nasty about it like we’re the ones that made them flunk.”

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4 Responses to Tales from the cheat sheet – IF you don’t “study”, you’re just another dummy – lol!

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Cynthia Harned · Phlebotomist at Samaritan regional health systems
    Uhhh…wheres your gloves??!!!! Oops!!

  2. buckeyesyd says:

    Tim Theodorou · Top commenter · 29 years old
    LMAO! How the heck do you bring in a diaper or other such stuff to take a test? Every time I have ever had to test, I was told to empty my pockets (turn them inside out as proof) and do a search of myself (pulling clothes tight, etc). When you go in, you find the water turned off, wire-ties around the toilet tank, etc. I mean short of smuggling it in via some orifice. On one occasion for a job, a staffer was right over my shoulder outside the stall.

    Terrible that folks cant be honest.

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    Come on Private citizens, the ONLY folks allowed to do drugs and keep their jobs are those with Professional Courtesy & Immunity!. This is too funny, I don’t know of many good workers who come from temp agencies, and besides! – What’s the WORST thing that can happen if you don’t get this minimum wage part time job?, you still have SSI and Welfare where your Government will care for you IF you have a problem. Drug users are the MOST profitable business in Mansfield, WHY? – Just look at your report card, education is key to being a successful drug user…Just look at those who made it in our Legal / Justice system. If things like smoking pot were really that bad, they wouldn’t jeopardize our officers who smoke it to entrap others now would they?. One toke could KILL THEM, or WORSE YET; FRY THEIR BRAINS! – Maybe why we have so many posting anonymously on craigslist, facebook, and ahhhh yes – The MP site – lol!

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