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Steve Sheldon – Say its not so, and expose your own Drew Tyler!

That’s right! Here we have a poster on social media speaking for the Sheriff and his Deputy’s and I’m the one CONsidered crazy & dangerous? That’s real nice Steve Sheldon to speak this way against someone you DON’T KNOW! Don’t … Continue reading

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Richland County Sheriff CONversation, is the word getting out?

I recently had a share in the Mansfielders Perspective Group that I thought was a great idea. The Sheriff having meetings with the public he serves? Awesome! – How ever I believe these meetings need to be more frequent and … Continue reading

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Resignation of Deputy Dale Fortney now looms as one who wouldn’t drink the Koolaid as Richland Source paints a different picture today!

Fortney to be presented with highest volunteer service award Noah Jones, Staff Reporter Apr 2, 2016 “Dale has been a positive influence in the community through his career in law enforcement.,” Heller said. – With EXCEPTION of the Resignation that left … Continue reading

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Just a smear campaign or are these valid questions our career Sheriff needs to answer?

Now this is some interesting stuff, it appears things only an insider would know? I would like to hear comments on this for it surely sounds to me like the Sheriff has real problems he is not addressing? I personally … Continue reading

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