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Ken O’Keefe Tells It Like It Is, a comparison to Mike Skidmore…

Interesting Youtube was shared in my Mansfielders Perspective “Group” on Facebook, quite the difference from our hater copycat community looking to do just what this video entails. A 60 minute listen and quite the perspective on the State of our … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton vs Hillary Clinton, a Drew Tyler or Izzy Bogart?

What a Drew Tyler sounds like, aka Narcissistic Sociopath. To be fair, maybe it just depends on what “gang” she’s speaking to? There’s the original Mansfielders Perspective, and the one that depicts unsensored? Oh the mess we get ourselves in … Continue reading

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Drew Tyler exposed, now Izzy Bogart shall give it a go, UNDER INVESTIGATION???

These characters are quite silly and amusing if they really are what I believe they are? Yes, its been said the Mansfielders Perspective is under investigation and has been infiltrated by undercover law enforcement, like we have anything to hide, … Continue reading

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Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored, not thats ROTFLMAO!

Now thats irony…The media that CENSORS are now portaying censorship from a group that has a no tolerance with fake user accounts with no credibility? Now thats ROTFLMAO haters! https://m.facebook.com/Mansfielders-Perspective-Unsensored-576126515903297/?ref=bookmarks Link above to NEW Community said to not censor, or … Continue reading

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