Surely PROOF the BCI of Ohio is corrupt? Some are just to stupid to see it!

911 log indicates Garber shooting escalated quickly

First questionable thought that comes to mind, WHY the Prosecutor (James Mayer’s) office was called before the Coroner who was not?

“About an hour later, deputies called for the Richland County Prosecutor’s office. The Richland County Coroner’s office is never mentioned in the log.” Which Deputies is the question we the people would like to know, surely as one was bragging in a bar about this Murder we all know where he frequents, the same place his brother the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR hangs out, hmmmm?

Now we have the BCI involved for what ever reason in covering up information? We ALL know Drew Tyler ROTFL because they too know they will DO NOTHING! Why else would they NOT investigate their rants on this site or craigslist? 

“BCI denied two News Journal public information requests for a death scene checklist and an evidence list detailing sheriff-issued firearms confiscated as part of the investigation. The documents are still part of an investigation and therefore not required to be released, BCI wrote.

One of the records requested does not exist, BCI added in its letter of denial.” – Taken from the above record in the MNJ, it’s HIGH TIME we investigate the BCI??? Appears we have Rotten to the core on STEROIDS!!!!

Surely as Brian was snuffed out for what ever reason, be it one posters idea of “problem solved” because his wife could not afford a divorce or his possible knowledge of one Deputy’s drug use that could be damning where ALL the Drugs in this County come from. 

I personally hope the people DEMAND ANSWERS to this puzzle, ALL of which points in the direction of a conspiracy to silence the TRUTH?

Mansfielders / Richland County residents want something to question? Question this fake account and you’ll find ALL the answers you need 🙂


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