Steve Sheldon – Say its not so, and expose your own Drew Tyler!

That’s right! Here we have a poster on social media speaking for the Sheriff and his Deputy’s and I’m the one CONsidered crazy & dangerous?


That’s real nice Steve Sheldon to speak this way against someone you DON’T KNOW! Don’t know because yes we have requested you come to a public meeting to address the issues within your department. IF this is true it appears you still do, or you have a Drew Tyler in your midst?

Maybe this is just a social media plant who know’s being some around here are notorious for speaking for others and not forthcoming like in this video who exactly they are speaking for.

*** Yes, I am aware we have folks who speak for others, some willing to lie like a Drew Tyler as well to deceive others, even in a trial like they did to railroad Mr Skidmore!

Yes, I suspect you investigate the word on the streets or it will play a horrible role in the outcome of this years Election which for all we know is being rigged and staged as well?

The TRUTH is the ONLY DANGER I pose is calling things like this out, so here is your chance SHERIFF SHELDON for you and your Deputy’s this man speaks of that he knows to come clean.

*** IF there’s anyone who’s crazy or dangerous its Drew Tyler and their buddy Izzy Bogart on Mansfielders Perspective Unsensored community – Yes I know its spelled wrong, it shows the kind of idiots we are dealing with.








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