“State rep: Gun bill sparking outrage” – Maybe we need to look at what really needs outraged, the ATTACK on those who own and want guns!

State rep: Gun bill sparking outrage

“The Legislative Black Caucus opposes the bill in part because of the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman was acquitted of Martin’s death after claiming self-defense.”

He was acquitted by a jury of his peers, something MANY Liberals also don’t believe in! Deals to them are the way? Now, if you believe the jury got this wrong then maybe you should have been the Prosecutor in the case who should have done a BETTER job in proving self-defense was not the case. Even though I believe something was fishy in this case, I don’t believe we should allow the law to be played on the fear that this will happen more frequently when in reality it will deter thugs who without a gun can impose damage of their own just because they can. In this Country you have this right to bear arms, YOU don’t like this little fact then maybe YOU should leave.

It’s like FREEDOM OF SPEECH, surely something I don’t have here as MANY have come to realize that follow my blog site. Below you will see my comment HERE, but not on MNJ site where it was made.

Now!, who’s oppressing who?



Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

Yes, THEY want you to run away, so much if a perp is in your yard you are to cower inside? It’s TIME America wakes up to these Liberals ways. What’s threatening to them is OPPRESSIVE to others who are losing their rights more and more during each passing day! Enough is enough, and as far as CONCEALED carry – I think MORE should exercise their right to open carry to let those perps know to don’t even think about it! (Crime that is) – Sick of the Courts slapping these criminals on the wrist while oppressing law abiding citizens who would not do such a thing. Crime is BANKRUPTING our local municipalities that are against citizens sticking up for themselves. Seems the ONLY ones here who have a right to defend themselves has either professional courtesy or immunity from the same laws we all have to follow, is that right? Hell NO!

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Michael John Gardner DC · Palmer College of Chiropractic

subversive people do not like laws that are good for the public protection!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

I attended this Town Hall meeting in Columbus at the Ohio Union. Video from ABC 6, WSYX Columbus:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-cts_TRLbM

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Michael Smith ·  Top Commenter

black people don’t like the law…they want to do car jackings and robberies without being shot….I live in Florida …blacks use the syg law to their advantage far more than whites do…as far as zimmerman…it was self defense not syg…the blacks and liberals just tried to twist the reality to push an agenda…

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Tim D. Metcalfe ·  Top Commenter · Retired 2013 at Retired

Criminals are much more fearful of an armed populace than a defenseless populace.

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Howard Webber ·  Top Commenter · Crafton Hills College

First off nobody should be attacking anyone, and if that means of defending yourself means firing back to protect you or family members, then so be it. I’d lay a ,50.00 bill that she ha a gun in her purse.

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IF there’s a Law our State Legislators want to look at that’s getting abused on the premise to take away GUN RIGHTS it’s the “Domestic Violence Law” in which you can be charged to PROVE your innocence through what will be many plea deals in which you cannot face your accuser or the Courts for MONTHS! How do I know this?, I have been put to test on this law in which wasted much time and more than likely NO RESOURCES on the premise of oppressing my rights, ONE of which was my right to a speedy trial that these oppressors blame on today’s Attorney. If you have an Attorney who has to waive this right when you claim your innocence, they are NOT worth having! I have found though many weeks of deal after deal these people are perverts of TRUTH, not once was their an investigation into my claims or the claims of my accuser; what does that tell you? To me it says there’s NO JUSTICE when in all the system will only concede a losing battle with you having to fear the same flawed system this Liberal says we have when opposing this gun law, that IS the problem – PERIOD!


Refute here!….If you can?


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