Spreading the good word – Mansfield Leaders Meet To Plan Anti Crime Rally

Good start, but now we MUST include other religious denominations that have a differing perspective how to go about this. You don’t include others just like making up an individualized drug court system IT WILL NOT WORK! I hate to be negative, but this DIVIDE TO CONQUER is not and will not work UNTIL there’s a CONsensus that everyone is included in the venture.

Tonight there’s another group forming, for more information check this link – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/richland-county-common-law-study-group-meeting-4-2-2015/


Mansfield Leaders Meet To Plan Anti Crime Rally

Story By: Greg Heindel 



A group of Mansfield government, police, church, and community leaders calling itself the “Mend Mansfield Coalition” met Wednesday to plan for staging an anti-crime rally.

The meeting was called by Rev. Dr. Derek Willians, Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church following the shootings of four people Sunday and Monday.

Mansfield Police Chief Ken Coontz says while getting guns off the streets and finding the criminals who use them takes a community-wide effort, there is one thing the police could do.

Call in the biggest troublemakers and sit them down for a serious talk.

Another “Mend Mansfield Coalition” meeting is set for next Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

The “Unity in the Community” rally will be Saturday April 11 at noon.

Participants should gather at the church, and everyone will march to Johns Park, the site of Monday’s shooting.

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