Sovereign Citizen says he needed toilet and shower????

Interesting story here…

Sovereign Citizen says he needed toilet and shower

According to the story it sounds like the typical survival of one with a record?


“It wasn’t to steal anything. I have receipts for the plumbing, I have receipts for the locks. I have receipts for everything. I kept a journal everyday,” he said.

A convicted felon, Miller said he can’t rent or get a job.

“I can’t drive. I can only bum so many rides from people. They get tired. Everything is about money and that is the problem with the whole thing,” he said.

Miller said he has more than seven years training in a law library.

“I’m very familar with what the law actually says not how the law is actually practiced. I understand the laws or codes are only as good as the people who enforce them,” he said.

Miller said he watched the house for two years because he lived just around the corner. He was the only man living at the house on Ohio 314, he said, explaining Sterling and Plaster were just using an exterior building to build concession trailers, with his permission.”

I am just curious since he does own much more than some why he couldn’t pay rent somewhere? It’s evident here that he was able to pay for utilities and live off the land. Appears this is more of an issue of living off the grid than anything else, surely IF we were to look closer and at many who don’t resort to this that even the IRS would be curious to his avoiding taxes by doing this?

“On May 11, Miller’s attorney Donald K. Wick filed a motion for return of Miller’s personal property, including a Toshiba laptop, home computer, tower, flash drive, computer desk, clothing, titles to two campers and two vehicles, perishable food located in the refrigerator at the house on Ohio 314, photo display, Yamaha 750 motorcycle, Dodge truck, push mower, approximately 15-foot home trailer, trailer previously located behind the pole barn, saw dust burner, power and hand tools and legal folders and paperwork.

The Morrow County Auditor’s Office website lists the property owner as Carole M. Kowatch, 8725 Ohio 314, Troy Township.

Miller said he researched records at the Morrow County Courthouse that showed Kowatch, the previous owner of the house, had left the premises in September 2014 due to foreclosure.” – So, was it the Bank who reported or the lady who was foreclosed on who reported?

What’s your perspective on the Sovereign Citizen Movement, after all they do believe in Common Law, you know like ORC 309.09 – You know the Common Law our local Government DON’T FOLLOW, yet citizens just say uh-huh? – Who’s fooling who here?

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  1. One must review the rights of the “Squatter”. Obvioulst this building/property. home was abandonded by the BANK. I understand that the woman was distraught that she could not afford the proerty that she agreed to pay off in installments. However she obvioulsy breeched that contract and the BANK took ownership of the Property. She is not and was not the owner, as are none of us the owner of cars and or trucks or property we have loans outstanding. The forclosure process identifies that the actual holder of title is the owner and the person has defaulted on the terms of the loan.
    To take a bit further back, this could very well be a home and person vicim of predatory lending by the banks we the pople bailed out a few years back. Lots of folks lost and are losing their homes back to the preditors. Personally I would like to see the bank fined for not maintaining the home to commubnity standards. Pay the man for every time he mowed the grass fixed any thing and security for the property from vandals. As we have a duty to maintain our homes and property in the community so does the bank during forclosure. Should they abandon the porperty or any property. Sell it at sheriffs sale just like all those properties froclosed for back taxes. No difference to me but then again our sheriif will not enforce the law.
    I am getting pretty tired of “they say” he is some out cast of the sovereng citizen group clan and or group. Nice lable more like nigger to me but no more acceptable in our nation. Let the man speak for himslef on the record. Who knows how much money this shithole county and or state has denied this man or how many convictions have void judgments fraud on the clerks or just plain unlawful arrest and how far back it goes. We all see opression of and by the executive branch but this guy cannot be a victim of this corruption but we are?? Common folks this regime must fall and maybe this is a guy to look at his past not today.
    Are we reall a people who would deny an opressed citizen possibly wronglfully convicted a dry place to sleep?? A place to keep himor herself clean or eat. What would you get from further opression of this man wiht a home but still homeless. we are or were a compassionate people but our executive branch has taken over. He established residence as a squatter let him live where others choose not to.
    Honestly I think as a nation we have way to many homless people and way to many empty homes. Wtf is the latter wiht a homelss person in a home?? I would like to see more law enforcement agasint the banks and for the people even if they are purposely opressed by the regime. Oh by the way where are my checks that this rigime owes me?? Oh wait I i had them all 4 I could buy the fkn house. No need to fight or gas any one..

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