Sovereign Citizen movement: Is is dangerous? – Another Perspective…

Sovereign Citizen movement: Is is dangerous?

Let’s add another “perspective” on this shall we?


Sovereign citizen movement – CLEARLY

Ohio is a hotbed of sovereign citizen activity, according to Mark Pitcavage, director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism.

“It is present in every county in the state,” Pitcavage said Wednesday after seeing The News Journal’s report Tuesday of three men who authorities believe have affiliation with the Sovereign Citizen movement being arrested at a house on Ohio 314 south of Steam Corners Road in Morrow County.

All three men — Jeffrey Miller, 51, of Mansfield, Michael Plaster, 48, of Galion, and Richard Sterling, 39, of Mansfield — were charged with felony theft, burglary and breaking and entering.

The charges stemmed from an ongoing investigation in which the men were believed to have been inhabiting a house that does not belong to them, nor did they have permission to be there, Morrow County Sheriff Steve Brenneman said.

The three men will be arraigned in municipal court at 1 p.m. Thursday in Mount Gilead, according to the court.

Authorities searched 8725 Ohio 314 and found Sovereign Citizen flags, literature and propaganda inside the house, the sheriff’s office reported. The three men remain in the Morrow County Correctional Facility.

Sovereign Citizens generally believe in common law and hold the belief that they are not subject to any federal, state or municipal statutes. – The TRUTH or REALITY? – Common Law IS Federal, State, and Municipal statutes so why make it sound like it’s not? The Sovereign Citizen Movement SIMPLY DOES NOT FOLLOW THESE COMMON LAWS, what they do is misinterpret these Common Laws to suit themselves, kind of like a UNION CONTRACT with many grey areas.

Some will say we have those running our Federal, State,  and Municipal Courts as a Sovereign Citizen group, just look at the DEALS and crime we have here in Mansfield because of interpretation of the law, or as I call it perversion of the law. One Law the Mansfielders Perspective Group sees as Common Law is 309.09 , we question this law id NOT FOLLOWED and yes we are yet to get an answer otherwise of a law that supersedes it? Does this make us a Sovereign Citizen group – NO? I for one can’t control everyone in the group, but I can assure we are not one of those. We are a group of Citizens who are sick and tired of plea deal slap the criminals on the hand system and/or those who pervert the law with rubber stamps. That does not depict an interpretation of the law, that depicts a question of WHY THE LAW IS NOT FOLLOWED? Still to this day the HEADS of the County cannot define the law they so don’t follow which in my puny mind depicts they are a scary movement of Executive Branch Elected heads and employees. They have been asked…WHERE’S MY CHECK to JUSTICE FOR BRIAN yet they CONtinue to not answer the questions before them.

Once again, and NOW thanks to this fine article by Lou Whitmire of the MNJ I question the intent? Maybe trying to spin this group that questions politics into a radical group that questions common law? No, we are a group that is learning and studying the law to become better citizens and community. What do those we question do? – If you ask their mouthpiece Drew Tyler you will hear they are ROTFLMAO aka Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off cause they say we can’t prove it? The issue is…THEY can’t prove otherwise they are following ORC – 309.09 that can be found on blog – – this does not Constitute a radical group, how ever articles like this may lead the public to believe we are? I believe theirs a misconception behind this news being the Sheriff has friends who are running a Common Law Study group  at the Waterford on Trimble Rd. – This article would lead the general simpleton who reads this paper to believe ALL who study common law as folks to be fearful of. I personally have attended 2 of these study sessions and yes they do seem odd. Like knowing the law, yet saying the Sheriff is scared? I am puzzled by this quite frankly knowing the Sheriff is suppose to be OUR MAN? 

Common law Study group is open to the public, I attended and suggest you do too! Not to become a radical, but as a way to know what’s happening in the community and how we go about getting answers to the problems we all face our leaders seem not able to fix without RAISING TAXES? Hmmm, speaking of taxes makes us radical – LOL! – I love that one, EVERYONE IS SICK OF TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, I thought??? Maybe not since only a few are bitching on media outlet sites. I personally believe the SALES TAX is a fair tax, what we need to fix is wages and tax refunds which I believe FUNDS THE SOVEREIGN MOVEMENT. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the focus here is ALL wrong. The focus IS COMMON LAW, AND FOLLOWING IT – COMMON LAW IS NOT UP FOR INTERPRETATION LIKE WE ARE SEEING OUT OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. Like I said, THEY are NOT following orc – 309.09 or at least what supersedes it!, and NO we will not be happy with what we have been told thus far that Sunshine Law protects their interpretation.



EARLIER STORY: Three in custody after deputies search home

Pitcavage, who resides in Columbus, said the Sovereign Citizen movement has a pretty high association with violence, ranging from acts of domestic terrorism or plots to spontaneous, unplanned violence stemming from encounters with police or government officials.

“They are at most risk for spontaneous violence,” Pitcavage said. “The two most common types of violence are traffic stops and residence visits.

“It’s not the presence of nonviolent people within an extremist movement that causes problems,” he continued. “It’s whether there are enough people who are willing to become violent, which makes the difference. In the history of the Sovereign Citizen movement, there are many examples of people willing to become violent.”

Pitcavage said that, in 2010, a Sovereign Citizen guru from Springfield and his 16-year-old son murdered two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers in cold blood.

Jerry Kane’s minivan was pulled over coming back from Las Vegas, and his son Joseph jumped out with an AK-47 and killed the officers. Eventually, there was a shootout with all kinds of law enforcement, and the Kanes were killed, he said.

The Franklin County Bomb Squad was on scene Tuesday on Ohio 314 for the raid.

“We wanted to be prepared for whatever,” Brenneman said earlier. “We did not know what we might face.”

There were no injuries reported as a result of the search warrants and arrests Tuesday, according to the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office.

“It sounds like the (Ohio 314) individuals may have been engaging in Sovereign Citizen ‘squatting.’ Though the Sovereign Citizen movement has been around for 45 years, in one form or another, sovereign squatting is a relatively new tactic, dating back only to about 2009, with the beginning of the mortgage/foreclosure crisis,” Pitcavage said.

“It began with sovereigns identifying homes that were vacant, the bank having evicted previous residents but not yet resold the home. Typically, sovereigns would then file bogus paperwork claiming to own the home in question, then move in, changing the locks and putting sovereign paperwork on the door or windows.”

Eventually, enterprising Sovereign Citizens learned to take it to the next level and would not squat themselves but would seize property in this manner and then rent it out to others, acting as de facto landlords. Sovereign Citizen squatting has become a very popular tactic, and examples of it can be found all across the country, Pitcavage said.

Pitcavage, an expert on the Sovereign Citizen movement nationally, said that, although he has a fair amount of knowledge of Sovereign Citizens in Ohio, in most cases, he couldn’t drill down to the local level.

“I do know that Morrow County, Richland County, etc., have all had Sovereign Citizen activity, because I have done several trainings recently for judges across Ohio, and found that judges from across the state are experiencing Sovereign Citizen activity in their courtrooms,” Pitcavage said.

“Traditionally, the two hotbeds for sovereign activity are the Canton-Akron-Cleveland area and central Ohio, but again, there is activity to some degree all across the state.”

Brenneman on Wednesday said he believes that the incident was isolated, in terms of Sovereign Citizen movement members moving into homes in Morrow County.

“At least not that we’re aware of at this point,” he said.

Morrow County Sheriff’s Office has not had any reports of anything similar to the incident lately, he added.

Brenneman said suspect Jeffrey Miller was living at the house, but he did not know for how long. Brenneman said he could not provide any details as to why the three men were at the house, pending the ongoing case.

He said the suspects in the case have not been telling authorities much of anything.

Richland County Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon said Richland County hasn’t had any situations like Tuesday’s on Ohio 314.

“But we do have groups like this in Richland County,” Sheldon said.

A neighbor said he talked to one of the men who was apparently living in the house on Ohio 314 while the man was cutting firewood.

The neighbor, who asked not to be publicly identified, said the man was tall and lanky and had a ponytail and tattoos, claimed to know the owner of the house and said he and others were building a concession trailer. The neighbor noted that authorities spent a lot of time in the barn.

He said he observed a woman on the property who got into shouting matches with the man with the ponytail. He said there were frequent loud stereo noises and chainsaws running in the barn.


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    This group on Facebook is adding all the cool details, join closed group here.

  2. pink says:

    If you drive by this home you will find the sovereign citizen group flag flying there is a Canadian flag, now that’s a big fat ROFL!

  3. Phil says:

    Sovereign Citizens generally believe in common law and hold the belief that they are not subject to any federal, state or municipal statutes.

    Generally believe in common law?, yet have their own interpretation is more like it! Kind of like asking the Commissioners questions on the law, yet have no answers?

    Shall we attend OUR MEETING AND DEMAND AN ANSWER, or should we FEAR being on a list to be harassed? Where is their Drew Tyler anyways, why did they run?


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