Something NEW the MP missed that’s compelling to the Mike Skidmore attack, could PROVE who really planned this?

Doing a little research being I do work full time and try to maintain this not for profit information blogsite along with a website and facebook page where intel comes in. So yes, there’s a lot here to keep you BUSY and why I may have missed this?

***Local: Facebook post ‘too relative’ to Skidmore case

***”One agent clarifies: “There were some concerns with social media posts and things that were adverse to some of the things that happened today,” and says “posts that were made and comments that were made prior to today (Friday),” led the agents to Skidmore’s home.”

***”In response to a May 26 post by Phil Sydnor, an administrator of Mansfielders Perspective, several commenters, including a person alleged to be Skidmore, discuss ways in which they believe county commissioners and other elected officials have broken laws.

As a part of that discussion, Skidmore posted videos of himself recording another group member, Randy Shepherd, trying to obtain public records from the clerk’s office earlier in May.

In the video, dated May 13, Skidmore refuses to leave the Richland County Administration Building after being instructed to do so by court security because his videotaping was making employees nervous. Skidmore goes on to support his actions, saying “Filming public officials doing their jobs in public is legal.”

Monroe asks Skidmore to clarify his question about what items are allowed into the building. Specifically, he asks whether Skidmore believes weapons should be allowed inside.

Skidmore’s account replies:

“Ok, a reasonable question. If you, Mike Monroe, were in the court house legally doing private business, and an unidentified thug with a gun tells you to leave, grabs you and ends up on the floor in his own handcuffs and you take control of his weapon while you call 911, how have Richland County Deputies and 911 Dispatch been trained … to respond?”

Later, Skidmore’s account adds, “If criminals didn’t know that an unarmed man is able to disarm them and cuff them up in their own handcuffs and cover them with their own gun, that little lesson can be taught to them; thugs are able to learn, it’s just embarrassing and painful.”

“I’m not saying it told the future but it was some coincidence,” Monroe said. “It was too relative.”

Now that’s an interesting perspective that could be viewed as WHO really planned this attack being it only took 3 days to report this after the incident when NOBODY knew what in the hell just happened, including me and I was there! To say Mike Skidmore planned this is something and he just may have, to prove a point that guns CLEARLY in a building where it’s posted none are to be that this could be a dangerous situation. Not knowing IF he planned this for sure I would say in hindsight being he was well trained both in the Military and local Prison system there could be a lesson here none the less? People have noticed since the incident these same security people are now wearing uniforms with name tags displayed and no longer carrying guns the lesson has been learned and good has come from this? How ever, there is ONE PROBLEM! – What about the TRUTH in this where it CLEARLY SAYS Mike Skidmore refused to leave the building when the truth is he did without incident on that day, just as they said he was told to leave this meeting before a security guard came in and grabbed his camera as advertised which didn’t happen either! I believe there’s some misleading intel being shared among our local media to construe the public in believing something that didn’t happen. It was never proven in his trial that he planned this event without those who cam in support because what he feared would happen did, now that’s weird yet nobody in the media is questioning this with exception of those who were there? How does that look when the media was not there is believed more than those who were, maybe good reason this reporter who reported this crap has since relocated to Colorado just as anyone else who gets exposed, they leave? We can only hope their mouthpiece Drew Tyler will assume the same fate one day, cause this citizen journalist will continue the fight from a safe distance not taking the same risk Mike did to educate the people.

Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_5

Great job Mike Skidmore, it appears your work at this point has not went entirely in vain? Now we just need more people willing to stick their necks out for others just like you did on July 9th 2015. Oh, by the way…will this stop the citizens from continuing their road to LEARN if any laws the Elected heads have broken, YES!

Are the Commissioners and others properly bonded as ORC depicts, are they selling property to local friends without public knowledge, is there something mysteriously being protected in that building where its apparent public records requests are impeded? – The Answer may be YES to all, but their mouthpiece Drew Tyler says first you have to prove it while Randy Shepherd says good luck when the Clerks office has been seized by the Courts and the Executive Branch.

The SAGA Continues tick tick tick….as Drew Tyler & their gang refutes from their New page here today gone tomorrow while we are still here! – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored, not thats ROTFLMAO!

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