So, you think Children Services in Richland County is worth it?

Children Services adjusting to new director in busy year

14 children find permanent homes – Woot, Woot????


WOW!, I never knew how much this was costing us, hmmm? Sure one child being taken out of a bad situation makes it all worth it to some, but come on, as a realist can we REALLY afford to spend what they are for this?


Harrelson said she looked to change the workplace atmosphere when she took over.

“We’re moving more toward an engaged and empowered culture for our employees,” she said. “It’s been a year of alignment of our team. They really knew what they were doing; they just weren’t allowed to do it.” – Lets hear it for team building, maybe the cream can rise to the top and necessary cuts can be made? After all 110 employees to help 14 is a bit overkill if you ask me?, then again I’m not the one with a degree – lol!

Agency spokesman Carl Hunnell noted the educational attainment of those workers. Of the agency’s 110 employees, 93 have at least a bachelor’s degree, another 39 have master’s degrees, and 18 are either licensed social workers or licensed independent social workers.

In addition to a year of transition, it was a busy year at Children Services. In 2013, the agency helped 14 children find permanent homes, almost triple the number of the year before. ALARMING if anything! With the staff they have I am MORE interested in the families who are tormented that fight the system when false accusations are made? Kind of like when uneducated in American History call 911 every time they see a patriot open carrying a weapon down the street, how many of those people turned out to be a waste of law enforcement’s time?

Then again, Peggy Goldberg – the MNJ mouthpiece may know something we don’t?

Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

Need a union out there for the over worked workers so they get paid more along the lines of what they are worth.
My guess is…IF these so-called educated are not getting paid what they are worth, why do they do it? Many Americans have already learned if you’re not getting paid what you’re worth there’s always the life of crime and drugs around here, hell, when you screw yourself up real food SSI will even pay you – lol! City, County & State workers too have it figured out who don’t have the same credentials, they’re collecting disability too – lol!
 I love a good story that can be questioned, JUST LOOK AT THE WASTE, it’s right before your eyes, yet MANY still don’t see it, even with a degree – lol! Here, and I thought it was just Mansfields report card that was at fault???


Let’s do the math, shall we? Let’s say the avg. salary is $40k, sounds fair to me? 100 employees means we paid $4 million for this service. Now lets take the 14 children who were saved into account as success. That equates to $285,714 per child we paid, NOW was that worth it? Sure it was to those who got paid, but in reality to those of us paying for this in the way of jobs and opportunity, is it worth it?

Arguments are always welcome, silence makes cowards out of men, hmmm?

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