So, you still think probation is cheaper and safer than doing time?

The latest outcry from the Violent Fugitives Task Force for a Probation violation should be concern for the citizens of Richland County. Surely with rumors surfacing that the County may be looking into hiring the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR one can only assume this is their way of saying they need this pervert of justice back being his brother is the Prosecutor? They need a stalker, liar, and one who can get away with breaking the law who can be protected by his brother. This is the way they believe to defeat those they voluntarily put on probation because they’re too stupid to see these sociopaths doing such things like this that make the community unsafe when they allow them to roam this free.

So, you still think putting these people on Probation is CHEAPER than keeping them in Prison or simply letting them go like you do your friends?
I wonder how much of our resources are being used to track this guy who is no different than the public worker thief who got a slap on the hands?
I would have to say…why don’t they just fine these guys and let them go if they have to keep asking us to look for them?
By doing this, are we really safe when they don’t have a clue where they are at? What do they think may happen if and when they corner this lion?

I thought this problem was solved when they FIRED the drunken APA Supervisor?, or is this just a ploy to make the NEW guy look bad so they can lobby to get their buddy back? I say FIRE THEM ALL if they can’t make probation work! – By FIRING!, I mean we should VOTE THEM ALL out, Judges and Prosecutors who make these deals!

Society is NOT SAFE working this way! – IF they are violent fugitives when you can’t keep tabs on them, then keep them locked the hell up!

Do they NOT REALIZE how bad this looks?…

Most Wanted: Kososky staying a step ahead of police

People are truly not safe living in Richland County playing games with criminal minds. Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if we had leaders in this Community who really gave a damn about those they think they are helping while protecting the rest?

This is VERY DANGEROUS! – I hope and pray for a safe resolution, but for some reason now we have a probationer on the run because we can’t keep close tabs on him like they’re suppose to? My guess is…if he would have been dating one of their ex-wives we would know where he’s at all times of the day and week?

Having known historical probationers out without being micro chipped puts us all in a dangerous situation. Time to rethink this money making waste of resources, when you have to resort to public being informed to help find these people you are doing something wrong!

Wake up people!!!!!, you wonder why this area is economically oppressed? – here’s your answer!

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