So, the Mansfield News Journal makes claims they do not discriminate when it comes to “Letters to the Editor” – THIS MUST BE AN EXCEPTION because in involved the TRUTH about the July 9th shooting in the Richland County public meeting?

I heard through the rumor mill that Wayne McDowell of the local NAACP who attended the July 9th meeting with others has a “PERSPECTIVE” on what he saw and various other issues, 3 pages to be exact that the Mansfield News Journal REFUSES to print depicting it is too long???? – What will it take for Mr Wayne McDowell to be heard? I offered to print his letter here but there is FEAR of credibility? Say what?????? – there is no more credibility than the Mansfielders Perspective where the ONLY ONE who will refute us on the record is a fictitious metaphor made up by the Elected heads who will speak for them. I have discredited their mouthpiece Drew Tyler first by outing on facebook here. Now the ONLY PLACE this clown can and will speak is on these blogs under the same anonymous metaphor. Ask yourselves, why don’t Drew Tyler come out of hiding and PROVE ALL THEIR BS, now that won’t happen and why they are trying to have this group on facebook discredited – the TRUTH shall prevail – ๐Ÿ™‚

To be fair to the MNJ it appears the TRUTHFUL one who said posts ALL LETTERS appears to no longer being a part of their staff, at least I could not find Ms Gere Goble on their directory found here?

Must have fired her for this?

One thing I tossed when I cleaned out my desk drawer last week was the documentation concerning a letter to the editor controversy that took place while I worked at another paper.
I followed policy when we received the letter: I called the telephone number provided and confirmed that person had written the letter. I confirmed the address. I knew the letter would irritate some people, but a newspaper’s open forum is just that: open.
Well, I was right: The letter did irritate people. People with a big advertising budget. People who wanted me fired for running that letter.
The letter was not libelous. It addressed a matter of legitimate public interest. I was completely comfortable with my decision … Until my boss told me someone had questioned whether that letter-writer really existed. Her name wasn’t in the phone book, and when I called the provided number again, I was not able to reach her.
The woman who answered the phone said the letter-writer lived at that address “sometimes.” Gulp.
I was not fired over the incident, but my relationship with my boss was irreparably damaged.
I got into some hot water because I could not identify the letter-writer — but for her, the price of coming forward would have been much greater.
Whoever had written the letter was using me as a shield. Had the advertiser been able to identify her, I suspect she would have been sued.
She would have won the case, had it come to that — the letter clearly was not libelous. But rich people can afford lawyers. Most of us can’t.
I mean, it worked out OK for me. I eventually ended up at the News Journal, working for a company that does not refuse to publish letters to the editor for fear of angering advertisers. (I’ve been with Gannett for more than 20 years, and never seen it happen. In my experience, if advertisers know that sort of thing NEVER happens, they stop asking, and they understand they are being treated fairly.)
A few years ago, I started seeing a person with that letter-writer’s name commenting on Facebook posts. The woman who lived at the given address had signed the letter with her middle and maiden names. I finally knew who had written that letter. I dug the file out of my desk and read it over again. My feelings were still mixed.
But when I found that file last week, I threw it away. Somehow, I’ve finally moved on. I’m no longer concerned about who should have done what. It’s just something that happened.
She knows why I’m writing this post today.

Well???? – What’s up???, ANOTHER SPIN BY THE SPIN DOCTORS?


What CRACKS me up? – You ask the majority of people here about the County building fiasco that drew charges against Mike Skidmore and people say what? That’s the PROBLEM, nobody reads the local news because they are tired of being lied to?


rotten2 THE CORE


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6 Responses to So, the Mansfield News Journal makes claims they do not discriminate when it comes to “Letters to the Editor” – THIS MUST BE AN EXCEPTION because in involved the TRUTH about the July 9th shooting in the Richland County public meeting?

  1. Phil Sydnor says:

    That’s only the beginning Bird, if they don’t like you refuting their news thru fair use, they will email or contact your employer like they did me. Here they say cease and desist telling the truth! Now where is their Drew Tyler so I can ROTFLMAO in his/her face?

    • Drew Tyler says:

      They gave you a cease and desist letter because you were stealing their material dumb ass lol..

      • Phil says:

        Stealing? Look up FAIR USE, somebody has to tell the truth, cause you sure can’t. Maybe you are that baby Brennan now seeing you are uptight about this? Lola!

        • Drew Tyleer says:

          Your right, someone does have to tell the truth and nobody will ever get it from you. All they will get from you is the worthless garbage you keep posting over and over and over again. Making claims you cannot possibly prove and when called to the front of the class, you put your tail between your legs and run. You run like the little bitch you were that day in the courthouse. So yep, get your worthless penny pinching ass back to them washing machines. Gasping as I ROTFLMFAO at you over and over and over again.

  2. Bird says:

    I have a friend who had written a letter to the editor years ago and the Mansfield News Journal refused to print it. It appears that they only print half-truths, not the whole truth and only if it benefits the MNJ.

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