So James Mayer, what’s it going to be? We want Indictments, and a trial to ensue! It’s time the people are heard in this!!!!!




Jim Mayer

I like MANY others in Richland County, Ohio want answers for the senseless MURDER of a man in our fair County! You and EVERYONE involved have dragged their feet long enough, and IF charges against these men do not follow you have seen nothing yet! There is NO keeping this quiet like so many cases before, we the people have had ENOUGH! We have seen what we are getting for your antics of delay, delay, delay, and know full well the cards you will try and play next! We have heard ALL of your excuses so far and are here to let you know we will refute everyone of them. I can assure you IF you don’t want to go on the record we will be opposing the executives of this County next! When do they meet?, that’s right, every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am in which we select a Thursday so I can attend, I have bills to pay. Much of which today are hard with this behavior that’s costing our Community dearly. I am on the front lines working in retail in which the next attack has been waged as you can see from those who have posted under the guise of fake accounts and craigslist. Like I said, where is their mouthpiece Drew Tyler now?

September 11th, 2014 there is another protest scheduled in which I believe we will be mounting questions for the Executive Branch, you want your questions included you can join us on facebook here! – Mansfielders Perspective group

The last we heard from the BCI they said they were awaiting the Autopsy report. Well my friends the Autopsy report is in and they say they are forwarding to the Prosecutor for review?

What about the people’s review, why is this NOT filed with the Clerk so we can scrutinize for questions that SHOULD BE ASKED that they will surely refuse to? We will patiently await this file / report – Justice needs to be swift for there are others in this Community who are worried about their safety for speaking out! This is NOT how the local Government should be run, by those who think their safety is before ours?


Link to protest details

911 Protest

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