“Smith passes; Coontz gets the job” – Interesting stuff!

Smith passes; Coontz gets job

After reading this article I can only say this…

My curiosity always gets the best of me, but who didn’t see this coming?
I really do like the excuses Smith gave on why she didn’t want the job, but come on…we ALL know the free time the Chief has; I remember the Chief in Lex made time for others in his life, well…not those close anyways, remember the news of his having an affair with another woman while on the clock? There’s also Messer who surely showed her how you can have a double life working many angles as Chief?

You have to love how tough they make these jobs sound when we have thugs running wild all over Mansfield and now the surrounding areas? People are stealing not because we lack law enforcement and being short handed, all this stems from our local Government taxing us to death for their own self serving purpose. Seems like the ONLY thing they are protecting are their retirement accounts, why else would they sound so grim and be talking about taking years to recover?

I have NEWS for them! UNTIL the local Government creates the environment for private sector job growth with better pay scales, THEY too will suffer! Surely they can’t lock up everyone who fights oppression, and surely they realize Corporate Welfare and how this Country can no longer sustain itself without the jobs they have outsourced due to their greed?

Seems to me the so-called Liberal elite are not so elite anymore now that they see you can’t prosper from those who do work. Eventually when all you do is take others money for your economy, the other guys money eventually runs out. That’s the case here!, many like myself who used to support this economy as assets are now liabilities at NO FAULT of our own, that ownership belongs to those who work for us who have created this mess.

Now it’s time for the pawns to fix this, the so-called leaders have FAILED and quite frankly are responsible for all the crime we have today!

You don’t think so, then speak out now or forever hold your peace! – CORPORATE WELFARE does not work, as you see there’s not enough Federal Government money for BOTH sectors, Public and Private to get the votes you want and need (smile).

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