Skidmore Investigation Ongoing??? via Richland Source

Skidmore investigation ongoing

Attorneys weigh options after July 9 altercation at commissioners office

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31 Responses to Skidmore Investigation Ongoing??? via Richland Source

  1. Phillys puppet master is a cunt says:

    Just listen to the nonsense , give this basement dwelling troll the boot! Nobody wants to hear his Grey haired child abusing dead beat dads ass anymore. Send him packing…
    This site will be better off with Facebook than trying to figure out who this narcissistic sociopath is.

  2. Phil says:

    Philly’s puppet master ska Drew Tyler says????

    Do you seriously think you are going to get elected? You need to put that bottle down and face reality. The reality is that your going to be stuck slinging washing machines until either you retire with your measly SS or die, preferably the latter, and more than likely at your own hand or the bottle. Either way, as your master, I instruct you to get back to slinging them machines.

    Now you are wishing I die, is that a threat my pusillanimous friend? Sadly enough you certainly can’t believe I am like your old friend the Prosecutor do you? I am far from being a weak minded loser like those guys, that’s why you are here, I am quite the challenge for one who hides behind a keyboard, what a wuss! What, your lady gone out with her new friend again? I hear the kids are talking how mommy and daddy are fighting again, and no I am not talking about my child, she’s never endured what you have put yours through. Must be why the poor kid ran away again, huh? Its sad I got your number, you’re not as slick as you think and with the real FBI being in town with the latest nonsense you need to be careful before your boss catches on, or you two having an affair as well?

    I will take you up on that bet, lets say being its a Presidential Election and I expect atleast 5,000 votes how about dinner? Loser pays the tab at a restaurant of their choice within the County, you on?

    Of course not, once again you will have some lame excuse as usual, right?

    • Phil says:

      FYI, I suggest you put the bottle down the next time you post, you’re showing how easy it is to get you mad when you are drunk. I haven’t touched the crap in years, decades to be exact, I have watched too many die or get hurt on the stuff. There’s much more to life than drugs or alcohol, I can assure you that, but you wouldn’t know would you?

  3. Sad news for Drew Tyler says:

    or is that now puppet master?

    This is why you have no power!

    Just like your friend who pulled the trigger on himself, why don’t you just end it?

    The truth is coming and there’s nothing a puppet master can do, now that’s ROTFLMAO!

    • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

      Awww poor ole Philly Dilly, panties still in a twist lol. Why don’t I end what? I’m not going anywhere and as you should realize by now, there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT LOL. You keep claiming the truth is coming but when are you going to start delivering? So far, all you keep doing is making your claims. So come on my little puppet, lets hear the truth, not your version of the truth, but the actual truth!! Yeah, I’m still ROTFLMFAO.

      • Phil says:

        I forgot that you are untouchable. I suppose you’re the idiot who called in the bomb threat? You seem to be teaching others how easy it is to get away with being anonymous.

        When you coming clean, my wife and kid are ROFL at you knowing your full of it. I will be seeing the Sheriff soon for my CCW and you know what? Nothing you can do about that either, unless you for some reason want to believe I am a felon? Now that’s funny, even the Sheriff knows I still have a right to protect my family from loons like you.

        When you coming back to Facebook, inquiring minds would like to know?

        • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

          Hey Philly, how you been ole boy!! Yeppers, it me your master again. If you are referring to the alleged bomb threat where you sling machines, let’s not forget that you have not been ruled out as the “mastermind” behind this little escapade. Just because you were at work when someone supposedly called, does not mean you didn’t orchestrate it for more attention.
          Your wife and illegitimate kid you mean lol. The same woman you beat and the same kid you “jumped in to protect” from the alcoholic woman you beat? These 2 shouldn’t be laughing at anyone but you ole Philly Dilly.
          Again you make reference to a CCW as if it is some big deal thrown out there to perhaps “scare or intimidate” someone, but it doesn’t work ole Philly. Unlike you, some of us have had our CCW’s for quite some time. Having a CCW will probably give you the balls you are otherwise lacking. Be careful you don’t shoot yourself, but then again, it wouldn’t be any big loss. Now, itsn’t it time you lean back over them washing machines and get to slingin!!!! That’s right, this is your puppet master speaking. Leaving the room ROTFLMFAO yet again and again.

      • Phil says:

        Trust me, your nephew tells all, have you found that runaway yet? Maybe someone should ask you about how you beat your first wife, and now cheat on your new one with men? You crack me up being you can’t back up one iota of your poppycock. The RCSO should be so proud to have such a cunt working for them. Nice!

        Keep in mind Drew, you are just a delusional metaphor for all that’s wrong in Richland County, and that’s about to change. Nobody is running unopposed, that’s refreshing to say the least. If and when you tire of me using your metaphotpric narcissistic sociopath name in passing of all that’s corrupt here then bring your brass balls to where I work and prove it! You do remember where I work, right?

        Or are you gonna be the cunt you have always been?

        Good to see the REAL puppet master now has you posting more each day, at your age you can probably barely keep up with a man of my stature.

        • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

          Boooorrrrring lol. Yeah Philly your posts are really lacking anything these days. When you speak of beating a woman and cheating with men, this is obviously you way of describing your life. A wife beater and a closeted homosexual just dying to come out. It’s ok buddy, I’m sure your wife already knows because she has found out with other guys.
          Now I work for RCSO? That is awesome. Just another one of your far-fetched reaching accusations. Check their roster and I’ll bet you don’t find a Drew Tyler on their payroll. Why? Because I don’t work for them. Again, your just showing what a real dumbass you are.
          Of course I know where you work, your the washing machine slinger at the warehouse on 4th Street where you are always going to be. That is because you are uneducated and have no skills. If you had any education and skills you would be working in a profession where you can depend on a steady paycheck and not some measly little commission check that doesn’t even feed your family and keep the ole lady in the liquor. You keep telling everyone to come to where you work, now why is that? You act as though you are ashamed to be living in an apartment Ole Philly. It is a step up from a mobile home but certainly a huge drop down from a house. But then again, you got kicked out of that because you didn’t pay your mortgage. Are you living in a government subsidized apartment? I’ll be you are probably right next to the band of merry little criminals you call “friends.”
          Now, as your master, I order you to get your worthless, lazy, bald-headed ass back to them washing machines and get busy. That’s right Philly, the puppet master has spoken. Sipping my coffee and ROTFLMFAO at you still again and again.

  4. Drews a Pud says:

    This puppet master sounds more like a rambling idiot more than anything else. I too have been waiting for any substantial evidence to back up anything they say. Sounds like an investigator to me. They waste more time and resources on fantasies more than any pervert known to man.
    Prove who you are or just shut the hell up. If I were Phil I would have you meet me so I could end your dumb shit.

    • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

      Lets see, are you Philly Dilly, his boyfriend or what? I am taking from your use of the word “pervert” that your probably some type of sex offender and automatically that would make you one of ole Philly’s best friends.. that is to be expected though. When did you get out of prison? I do prove who I am every day I post here now whether you and your boyfriend elect to accept that, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit lol. Philly has been crying to everyone including the Easter Bunny to “end me” and poof…I’m still here. Now get back to whatever push broom job you have and stop playing on your employer’s computer…dumbass.

      • Phil says:

        Don’t worry, this hamburger flipper gets riled when folks are doing better than him. He’s done the impossible, got fired by the State and his other friends are fraud ex chiefs of police out of butler while another shot his face off as prosecutor cause he couldn’t take his crap anymore.
        That’s right, Drew Tyler aka puppet master is friends with all those people on the MP wall of shame and there’s not a damn thing he or anyone of them can do about it.

        Just google Mansfielders Perspective, its easy to find compared to this little twit.

        I enjoy pissing his punkass off just like I will his buddies downtown soon .

        • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

          I’m back Philly, your master of masters. So in this post, I got fired by the State yet work for the RCSO as eluded to in the previous posts? I have more jobs than anyone on this planet if anyone believes your bullshit. I love reading it though, because every time I post I piss you off beyond comprehension and you just keep digging and digging but get nowhere. Sort of like your dead-end job huh???
          Your wall of shame is a joke too, but then again what can be expected from a jokesite. And you should probably move your pappy’s picture to that wall of shame as well. Anyone who would give birth or claim credit to you should be found on that wall.
          You still gonna throw your name in for the commissioner job? That will be absolutely hilarious to see all 10 votes you get. People will read the ballot and be like “Who the hell is Philly Dilly?” Yeah, can’t wait to see the election results. You can’t and haven’t changed a thing my little pet. Now, as your master I have to insist you get back to them washing machines. They aren’t gonna sell themselves. Say hello to the Mrs. for me. Tell her thanks!!!!! ROTFLMFAO yet again.

          • Phil says:

            Now you think I am the mastermind behind the bomb threats? Now that’s rotflmao, its more than likely someone you work for looking for some overtime, that is a motive for you and your buds, right? I see you are still running with the past and your false witness of my character. Yes, it will be interesting if I only get 10 votes, then again I may get enough to take over the collusion in office here, then what, gonna threaten my life again? Quite frankly I don’t need a cow, those are for cowards like yourself. I unlike you not afraid of the boogie man, God had my back or is that a cult like you and your friends say? The reason behind getting the cow is not a threat, its just another measure to prove you are fos.
            Keep plugging away here while I return fire while on break. It makes my day to see how worried you really are of the truth and power you really don’t have. Have a nice day, the truth is coming my fictitious friend.

            • Philly's Master says:

              Awww, did I hurt your feelings or strike a nerve….again lol. I doubt you have the ability to mastermind anything Philly ole boy. As far as overtime goes, I work when I want so overtime is never something I even consider.
              My false witness of your character? First of all, you have to have a character, and that you do not. As far as my view of you, I don’t consider it false. Everything about you is so easily obtained and you just loooove posting your woes daily. You can downplay the wife beating and being kicked out of your house in Galion all you want, but the records speak for themselves. The fact you plead it down doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Guess the ole lady would have a different version of that night right…I mean after all, that is why she called the police and you got arrested.
              I almost spit my coffee out chuckling at the thought you think you have enough pull to win a county commissioner seat. You couldn’t win a seat on a garbage truck let alone an important seat in government. By the way, most of your friends can’t vote because they are convicted criminals. I guess giving you 10 votes was even too many.
              So, since you are going to get your CCW and you claim it is for cowards…what does that say about you my little puppet???
              Your little jokesite is what would be considered a cult. You are the cult leader and like most of the rest of them, they end up drinking the kool-aid. We can only hope some day you take your dose too. Nobody is worried about anything you allegedly can prove because after all these years, you still haven’t proven a single thing. You just love putting your version of things and claiming it’s the truth. And power, yeah I have it and I use it on you every day. I am the one in control of your life…not you. You do as you are told!!!
              Also Philly, you really should do something with that jokesite. It gets so boring reading it every day because it hasn’t been updated in months. Current events are old news, your wall of shame is stupid and nothing on the whole jokesite is new except for the blog page and even that is stagnant. I would say if you want to keep people interested in your site…make it worth reading. Now, get your bald ass back to slinging them washing machines…loser bitch boy. PS: Tell mamma her daddy boy said hello 🙂

              • Phil says:

                Maybe since you like to gamble you can make a friendly wager? My money is on your buddies getting the boot soon and the fact I will surely get more than 10 votes, it takes a minimum 50 signatures silly on a petition to get on the ballot. Sure there’s a good chance I could surprise you, there’s more concerned today about your corrupt buddies today than yesterday, no thanks to you, the false witness who can’t back up anything they say. Sounds like that commissioner who kept saying they know the law and there is a law, yet when we asked for them to bring it to a meeting they couldn’t? You just like this commissioner are the laughing stock of Richland County, sure there are truths, yet you my friend can’t provide it. Now that’s rotflmao! I can’t wait for the Skidmore trial to begin, cause if there is a deal EVERYONE will see the corruption in the courts, your friends promise prison? I don’t see it being that’s not how they roll. They may sentence prison, but I highly doubt Mike will serve a day, more like here’s your money, please go away!

                Seeing who controls who, see you tomorrow being even though the site is down you always come back wondering what’s next? Its an election year, surprised you haven’t said anything about your favorite fund chasing Mayor. Peace???

                • Philly's Puppet Master says:

                  You have been buys huh ole slave of mine? So how many signatures do you have so far? Even if you get signatures does not mean these same people are going to vote for you. Remember, the word is out in places as remote as barber shops and hair salons what a fucking nut job you are. Do you seriously think you are going to get elected? You need to put that bottle down and face reality. The reality is that your going to be stuck slinging washing machines until either you retire with your measly SS or die, preferably the latter, and more than likely at your own hand or the bottle. Either way, as your master, I instruct you to get back to slinging them machines. Having coffee, a sandwich and still ROTFLMFAO at you.

                  • Phil says:

                    Wow, you wish I would die huh? Must be getting to ya just like the wife who’s now dating behind your back at lunch time? I heard through the truth vine you are getting ready to snap, are you ok? It sure don’t appear that way my friend, you seem so upset knowing I have a good chance to upset your buddies. Now that you mention die and have said I would get killed if I ran for office does that mean knowing the risk and I am, would that mean I killed myself by suicide by politics? Seems you people are running out of excuses and time? Like I said…the truth is coming and time is on the truths side. Can’t wait for your long winded reply, appears you are losing CONtrol? Now that’s rotflmao!

      • Phil says:

        and just in case you can’t spell, here’s the link to the puppet masters friends and why he gets so uptight.

  5. Phil says:

    Drew Tyler aka momma’s basement dweller is a complete moron living in his/her little fantasy world on the outside of any group that will have him or her?

    Just like the group is growing and PROVES YOU WRONG once again so are those who can vote or have come to where I work to see the fella that has your panties in a wad. Maybe you, the great Drew Tyler found on one of my pages – – can rejoin the MP group to make your wild proclamations? We are now 1,300 strong getting the word of TRUTH out, maybe you can share your fantasies there like old times?, appears you have something to get off your chest as irritable you sound? Here’s the link in case you forgot your way? – – maybe you can use the account you had, here’s a link to it as well –

    Come on my intrepid friend, what’s there to be scared of? A great leader once said the ONLY thing we have to fear, is fear itself. It’s funny to see how scared you are, now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!! – again and again, Puppet Master, is that like the Great Wizard of Oz? – I am still laughing on the floor, sorry, unlike you I have to prepare for work. You know, slinging those machines with something old schoolers call, with balls, grow a pair – 🙂

    • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

      Wow weeeeee Philly, did you get your girdle in a twist or what lol. I guess so, but hey, that’s what I love doing and it works every single time. After all, I am your puppet master and you do what you are told. That is hilarious that you claim people come to where you sling washing machines just to see you. Maybe a probation or parole officer, or perhaps a debt collector, but I doubt anyone of any quality comes just to see you.
      Not long ago I read a post from you claiming your group was 1,500+ strong and now you are only 1,300 strong? First, I don’t believe for a second you have that many people in your group. Maybe in your pea-brained head but that’t about it. Second, if your down to 1,300 alleged people in your group, sounds like a loss, not a gain. Of course, you are familiar with losses because you have had enough of them. You lost your freedom when you got arrested, you lost your home and have lost income because you have to work on commission and nobody is buying your washing machines. Yeah…losses are a part of your daily life lol.
      Are you still trying to convince yourself you are some kind of leader? Leading the way to the men’s room in a dark club does not count. We all know that is your second job. How do you prepare for work? Do you stand in front of the mirror and salute yourself and tell yourself what a great man you are? If you do, then you not only lie to everyone else, you are lying to yourself. Now, do like you are told and get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines. PS…still waiting to hear what candidacy you are running for????? Yeah, Wednesday afternoon ROTFLMFAO at you still.

      • Phil says:

        You have quite the memory there Drew, you must have a photographic one at that? Oddly enough I knew a great deceiver just like you, maybe you know him?
        His name was Randy Shepherd. To be honest Drew like usual your memory is faded , you have me CONfused with someone else, after all these years you can’t prove none of what you proclaim about old Philly, early start on your smear campaign now that I am running for Commissioner? Tim Werts spot to be exact, you know…the fella in the video that tampered with Stacy Crawls recorder after the room was closed for BCBI.You must know this being you are so intelligent. Now that’s ROTFLMAO

        • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

          Isn’t that Shepherd fella the same one you “joined forces” with during your friends attack at the courthouse? Now, he is a deceiver? Interesting how you attempt to disassociate yourself and your joke site, when the shit hits the fan. Of course, we all saw that when you scampered out of the room during all of that like a dog with its tail between its legs. Your running for County Commissioner? LMFAO, that should be a humbling experience for you. When all 3 of your votes are counted perhaps you will see who really believes all of your shit. I can’t wait until that election is over so I can throw it in your face over and over again just like I keep ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

          • Phil says:

            Yes it will be just as interesting as your lonely Facebook page you left behind once the FBI started closing in on you. That’s why you keep changing aliases and IP addresses as you bump around the State on mcdonalds Wifi cause you can’t afford your own. Too funny when you try to make me sound like the poor guy when its you who’s on the run and hiding behind fake names. Quite the tough guy, not! Now that’s rotflmao my friend. Yes, I disassociate with deceivers, you should know this by now, I’m the truth and the way that gets you on these everyday rambles even you said once you had no time for? Business must be slow, cause I have you right where I want you on my days off lol!

            • Philly's Master says:

              Bwahahahahha I missed this one so I couldn’t let it go. You and I both know the FBI wasn’t looking into my FB page because you have already admitted a long time ago that nobody would listen to you when you went crying to every law enforcement agency in the country. Now who’s the liar Philly dilly???? Yeah I leave here ROTFLMFAO yet again.

  6. Philly's Puppetmaster says:

    Ahhh, Ole Philly at it again. Looks like he is saddened by the fact that soon, the attorneys for his buddy are probably going to make a deal and Philly once again will be proven to be the liar and fraud he is. It’s OK Philly dilly, I’m sure after all these years people have learned that you are simply full of shit. You claim in March of 2014 I was silenced on FB and yet, my FB page is still there and I can do with it as I please. Much like that of your alleged friend Sean McMann, which is probably you too lol. So, as far as silencing me, you already know that isn’t going to happen. Remember, I am the one in control Philly boy, not you. I am sure you reported me repeatedly to FB and yet they did what we all do…ROTFLOFAO at you.
    I have to ask Philly, who do you ask if they know me? Is it your convicted criminal friends that you socialize with? Chances are yeah, they don’t know me because unlike you and your friends, I don’t have to frequent the county jail or criminal justice system. As far as proving who I am, guess what Ole Philly Dilly, I am Drew Tyler and I have been here all along and I’m not going anywere. Yep, you can block me from your joke site, but you can do nothing about my FB page or where I post on CL. You love to think you have power, but in fact, you are a dweeb and powerless. So as you can clearly see, I still control you and I have for years. Now, get your worthless ass back to them washing machines…they aren’t going to sell themselves. Great way to spend a Tuesday morning…pissing ole Philly off and ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

    • Phil says:

      Hey, have you found your runaway child yet? I know more about you than you think!
      One thing is certain, you can’t prove you are Drew Tyler.

      Puppet Master, didn’t realize a metaphor for public officials could be such a thing?

      The good news is…if the people don’t want a voice, they will still need washing machines

      • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

        I didn’t know any of my kids were missing lol. I can prove I am Drew Tyler…look stupid here I am. I can ask you this…can you prove your kid is biologically yours? Of course not…because I doubt she is. Probably one of the criminals who frequent your home so much lol. As far as people needing washing machines…yeah I guess they will but I am betting more people buy them from places other than your store which means you don’t get your little commission check. I know that pisses you off and it leaves me as always ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Aren’t you going to be late for work my little puppet?

        • Phil says:

          Look, here I am? That’s ridiculous you know, you are no where like usual the metaphor you will always be.
          Certainly you are not Drew Tyler for you still have not provided anymore clues than a 2nd grade story teller. I assume you still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the 3 little pigs. None of which like yourself makes any sense.
          There is a silver lining you know, should I tell you my secret to success? Some think I am you just to get attention for business, now if that don’t beat all lol!

          See you later friend, try not to be on repeat tomorrow, you really need new material. Puppet Master is good, but even the great Drew Tyler speaker of corruption can do better than that. Your losing it bud

          • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

            Bwahahahahah see even other people think you are a nutjob and think you post under my name just to draw attention to yourself. Apparently I am not the only one who draws the conclusion that you like to post as more than one person. Then again, those voices in your head during those drunken spurts are probably very real to you.
            Secret to success? You call standing over washing machines begging people to buy them and the warranty, being thrown out of your house, being arrested for woman beating and living in an apartment success? Talk about being delusional.
            Proving clues to what ole Philly? Wait, you have claimed that I am a dead former Prosecutor, then his brother, then a court employee, a disgruntled fan of the MP Jokesite, and yet you are looking for clues?
            Apparently it is you my little puppet who still believes in the childhood fairy tales because you have cried to every one of them as well as every Law Enforcement Agency in the State, and probably INTERPOL as well about being bitch slapped every day on your joke site and other sites. Gotta love freedom Philly dilly. I know, you say your pappy fought for freedom blah blah blah and was even a POW (by his own choice) yet apparently you were’t man enough to follow in his footsteps. Why is that my little puppet??? Now, it’s time for you to get your ass back to them washing machines…they aren’t gonna sell themselves. As always, I leave you with this….ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

  7. Phil says:

    Before they claim cease and desist like the other media outlet they better refer to “fair use” that can be used to question the media. Have a nice day!

    Surely Drew Tyler will respond claiming they are a real respondent while not once in years anyone able to say they know them? Not once in years has Drew Tyler been able to prove who they are, NOT ONCE! Who controls who Drew? – You ARE the true laughing stock of Mansfield.

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