Skidmore indicted on six counts, hearing canceled, and media does it again – (smh)

Michael Skidmore is in jail again. – Really? Yes, lets make the hero sound like a repeat offender shall we? Typical MNJ – SMH…

Skidmore indicted on six counts, hearing canceled


Mike Skidmore – Photography is not a crime correspondent.

Skidmore, who is accused of striking the two guards July 9 while they were attempting to detain him during a commissioners meeting, was indicted on six counts and arrested Wednesday after a special session of the Richland County grand jury. His case was presented to Judge James DeWeese and special prosecutor Margaret Tomaro of the Ohio Attorney General’s office, according to Richland County Court’s website. – Can someone tell the people WHY we need to hire a Special Prosecutor for a simple assault? I thought our hand picked by Commissioners Prosecutor would be more than sufficient, hmmm? I wonder like the rest of these replacements that there’s something in writing where she asked to be replaced? Do the people really understand what this simple assault will cost them for covering up what REALLY HAPPENED? What really did happen – ROLL THE TAPE SHALL WE… IT REALLY DOES SPEAK FOR ITSELF! – – Notice @ the very beginning people, Scott Kyler known friend of our fair Sheriff introduced this as a Richland County Common Law Study Group Event, yet some how it has been spun to make you believe it was the Masfielders Perspective Group? Say what???? – I am the Mansfielders Perspective, you know the place I give folks to speak out against these types of articles put in our local paper? I am NOT SURPRISED because that’s how they roll. Yes, they can call us a watchdog group but can hold off on the “cult” crap some anonymous posters are allowed to put out there on hatebook aka facebook. 

Stay tuned just as I am real while my nemesis spokesman for our leaders under a FAKE ACCOUNT name Drew Tyler who has since been EXPOSED as such has since left facebook and resorted to my blog site here commenting has left their signature IP address that is will soon be sought out by the end of this. Please tag my TRUTH site that has kept those less than stellar folks who work for us in the forefront of the news who hope goes away soon will, not now, not ever! I will be them with the first amendment, not my fists unless its on my turf, like one of them said I was bringing to my own door step I say too – BRING IT! I am locked and loaded since this day I was fired upon by a goon with a gun in a building where one by law stated on the front door should not have been, in a public meeting! You want to charge someone with inducing panic, CHARGE THE GOON WITH A GUN! I am sorry to hear classmate Chuck Kochis was bitten, but that came after the first shot fired when can’t speak for him Mike Skidmore more than likely became you or me after seeing the first guard go for his gun when one was not needed. I am sick of hearing these one sided blow by blows and I hope Mike has his day to tell his side, UNTIL THEN I will be here to refute all the falsehoods and false witnesses as you can read yourself in the minutes of this July 9th meeting and compare to the 47 unedited video shared by PINAC – I want to thank PINAC for their quickly releasing this video or who knows how many more stories they would have told. The TRUTH of the matter these Elected Officials are NOTORIOUS for not listening to the public and are quick to call executive sessions to do just that. Can’t wait for the CLEAR RULES on public meetings to see who is right! If you listen closely you will hear Randy Shepherd CLEARLY tell them how it works while Tim Wert says “I don’t think so” – WELL MR COMMISSIONER, who is right? It was VERY CLEAR to me and others there PEACEFULLY this was the intent to start trouble, NOT MIKE, but YOU AND OTHERS who claim to be Commissioners? I am still waiting for the gentleman’s answer you were asked…Are you properly bonded to be Commissioner, BY LAW YOU ARE NOT SIR! 


REALLY? - Where's Chuck Kochis's stretcher? - Drama Award goes to the 1st security guard who fires weapon while the 2nd security guard takes the brunt because a gun just went off!

REALLY? – Where’s Chuck Kochis’s stretcher? – Drama Award goes to the 1st security guard who fires weapon while the 2nd security guard takes the brunt because a gun just went off!

Kochis was bitten on the cheek during the incident and Norris was struck repeatedly in the head. The attack led Norris to fire his gun, which struck a wall. – Once again, watch the video closely…some say Mr Norris was knocked out, that was a lie. Then you will see him taking photos and prancing around later to be seen taken out on a stretcher – what a freaking joke! You people are drama children at best. I hope we can get off on a better foot the next time I appear before our meeting, that’s IF I feel safe being they have guns and I do not! None the less I can continue to beat your minutes here, call you out, and surely not get on the record cause when you show you don’t anyways as once again…watch the video, the minutes are EDITED! Could that be because after the room was sealed Tim Wert came in to steal the recording, then to put it back? What the hell was that about, and why is nobody questioning tampering with EVIDENCE? That’s because that’s the norm here in Richland County and WHY people are afraid.

Put NEW LIGHT on Scott Kylers latest e-mail – FEAR, HMMM?

                                                             SCHEDULED FOR 8-6-2015
                                                                       by Scott Kyler
  The next Richland County Common Law Study Group meeting is scheduled forThursday, August, 6th, 2015 at The Waterford, 1296 S. Trimble Road, the corner of Lexington Avenue and Trimble Road, starting at 6:30 pm. We are now meeting in the private dining room.
  One of the topics of discussion will be the selection of ground rules for our proper, profitable, behavior when interacting with our public servants in public meetings. This discussion is, regrettably, now necessary if we are to have any future, public meetings with our public servants. (Actually, it’s rather amazing to me that this subject even needs to be addressed.)
  Unfortunately, because there were 3 other groups, represented, that had joined our group for the Thursday, July 9th, 2015 County Commissioners Meeting, whose individuals had not been fully vetted by myself, behaviors ensued at the meeting that are against my personal philosophy concerning interactions with public servants at public meetings. Actually, there was only one person present at that County Commissioners Meeting, who arrived with our group, whose behavior, in my opinion, was out-of-line when attempting to interact with a largely ignorant, or, not, Board of County Commissioners. (All meetings must proceed in an orderly fashion, including the hearing of public concerns, even in light of the public meetings, including the meeting of the County Commissioners, being meetings of the people of the county. This MUST be kept in mind at least until the active consensus in Richland County changes to that of historical Patriot. If this general rule is not followed, then, any excuse can be used to increasingly shut-down public interactions with and access to our public servants.)
  In all of the previous meetings I have held between our patriot people and our public servants, including, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the Richland County Commissioners, and, the Richland County Board of Health, there have never been any negative incidents occur, especially like that which happened at the July 9th, 2015 Richland County Commissioners meeting. In fact, we have had only positive results from our meetings, including the Proclamation signed by the County Commissioners declaring clear support for the Bill of Rights in Richland County, Ohio.
  So, if we are to proceed to take-back and secure our liberties in a peaceful fashion through interacting with our public servants, we MUST proceed in an orderly way in these meetings. To not proceed in an orderly fashion only allows opportunities for conflicts to occur, which, undoubtedly, will be used by our “public servants” and, or, “the media” to further demonize our Patriot Movement which is standing for the protection of our unalienable rights under God.
  Hopefully, such a damaging conflict has not already happened which will be used to progressively solidify the establishment of a “Police State” right here in our own Richland County, Ohio. Obviously, the political trends across the country do not appear to be good.
  Please come out to our meetings and bring patriot friends. Only through knowledge and action can the tide be turned. We have the numbers. We just have to organize and stand up, so, that we will not have to ever “load-up”. “Fear is the mind killer.” – from the movie DUNE. Fear is also the freedom killer – it is the liberty killer, when concerning mortal men. However, the fear of YHWH God is the beginning of wisdom. – And the knowledge of God’s Revealed Law continues the path toward maturing that liberty yielding wisdom. Hosea 4:6-7.

  The Richland County Common Law Study Group meets the first Thursday of the month at The Waterford, at 6:30 pm.
  See you at our next meeting!
Scott Kyler
Richland County Common Law Study Group


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6 Responses to Skidmore indicted on six counts, hearing canceled, and media does it again – (smh)

  1. Bird says:

    It is clear that Norris intended to fire multiple rounds. If you watch closely after the first round was fired, Norris tries to shoot Skidmore in the back, but the gun doesn’t fire. The gun jammed or short-cycled. Watch Norris try to put the gun back into battery before holstering it. Why would he do this you ask? Because he knew that the gun didn’t fire a second time. Even when Kochis had Skidmore on the ground, Norris put his hand back on his gun, ready to pull it again!
    Skidmore is in jail again because of INDICTMENTS. What happened to PRESENTMENTS?

  2. Phil says:

    I have a questions. How is it felonious assault when he didnt have a weapon? Anonymous question.
    My answer…The bite got him felonious assault, how ever that was after he feared for his life with his air cut off they say. Bite to breath we will call it Also keep in mind they already shot at him intentionally now they say. Had to fight for his life.

    • Tod Mills says:

      It is self defense, all the way! The assault and battery charges (and more!) belong on the men we now know (previously unidentified due to failure to identify or wear a readable name badge) as Tim Norris and Chuck Kochis.

      Norris grabbed Mike by the lanyard around his neck and his wrist, causing Mike to fear for his life, plain and simple. Mike was not disobeying an order (lawful or not) because no order had been given; he was attacked and defended himself.

      • Phil says:

        Amen Tod Mills, THEY don’t want this getting to trial for the National Attention will garner who the REAL ISIS is, they have taken over OUR County Governments as some have discovered these Elected Officials are NOT properly bonded. Each and everyone of them are approved by Common pleas Judges where BY LAW they are to be approved by a probate Judge. A public records request has proven they are not properly filed and why they are attacking the MP Group, calling us a “CULT” – The REALITY of the matter is the MP is simply a group of people telling it like it is, the CULT OF PERSONALITY don’t like it! Who is the Cult of Personality you ask? – LOCAL MEDIA GIANT – Mansfield News Journal who perpetrates one sided articles, threatens anyone who opposes as I have PROVEN with their cease and desist actions for fair use ridicule of their poppycock articles. Want the TRUTH, join the group they are trying to scare people from joining on facebook.

  3. Phil says:

    Lets see how this relates to Prosecutor James Mayer shooting himself, he’s had enough of this regime is what he was thinking. He knew they were eventually going to jail, and why he ended it, he didn’t want to go down with them.

    How about asking how his office a week BEFORE HE DIED called for one of those infamous executive sessions when his office is not AUTHORIZED to do so!

    • Drew Tyleer says:

      And now lets see, your a mind reader. How could you possibly know what anyone else is thinking when those voices in your head don’t even let you know what your thinking from one second to another. Loser lol

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