Sixth Madison Township firefighter linked to ‘Testgate’

 David Spain
MADISON TOWNSHIP — Another Madison Township firefighter could be disciplined pending a May 31 hearing. Five were disciplined after an internal investigation into allegations of “cheating and assisting in cheating” on the state certification test in 2010. Those firefighters were Lt. Brad Lambert, Amanda Eldridge, Zach Smith, Nick Schwan and Toby Viers. After an hour-long executive session at a special meeting Monday night, the Madison Township trustees voted to schedule a disciplinary hearing for firefighter Chris Ott, also involved in what the trustees call “Testgate.” Trustees chairman Dave Spain abstained from the vote. “Because I was the investigator,” he said after the meeting. Trustee Dan Fletcher said he believes Ott will have the option for his 7 p.m. hearing to be public or private. “This should have been over a long time ago,” Fletcher said, noting there was a delay of almost 60 days in the case because two former trustees quit. “Then it took us 30 more days to get oriented.” Spain said there is only one more firefighter to discipline over Testgate after Ott. Ott could not be reached for comment. 419-521-7220 Twitter: @JamiKinton

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  3. buckeyesyd says:

    Thank you Jami for making their names public!, this is the way you straighten out the corrupt in our society…Shout their names from the roof tops!

    Getting rid of them NOW, save us from their inbred corrupt ways later!

    Chalk one up for the good guys who do things right!

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