“Six tips for Black Friday success” – Like you can TRUST a reporter who don’t get paid commission – lol!

Six tips for Black Friday success

Like this report in the MNJ knows what they are talking about?????

Keep in mind after all the fluff and bologna that IF you are simply looking for the BEST price all you have to do is PROVE like anywhere else the price THEY are giving you and that the item is in stock that’s in their sales ad. Many stores who don’t honor their price because they are out of stock are bait and switch, WE WILL NEVER not honor our advertised price, UNLIKE some of our competitors as long as you are willing to wait. We are an Authorized retailer to BEAT ANY DEAL even if we have to go below our cost to do it. NO STORE, I mean NO STORE will honor Black Friday deals other stores are having no matter what this article may say! – ALL the deals are specialty items that others don’t or won’t have. If you are a consumer reports advocate, that’s ok, I’m a subscriber too and know what they are saying. How ever, keep this in mind, Consumer reports is not on the front lines and don’t get paid commission, so it’s in MY best interest as a salesman to take good care of those depending on me. Nobody’s going to call CON-sumers reports to complain about their product if it breaks. That’s why they say don’t buy the extended warranty, they don’t get those calls either!

REAL DEALS depend on being in the right place at the right time, the good news for you? We at ABC Warehouse have the BEST price guarantee! 90 days on everything except Computers and HDTV’s which are 45 days, still longer than ANY competitor in our regions.

Keep in mind those who attack me and the store in which I work have personal vendetta’s that have nothing with buying anything from me personally. You want a great deal on a great product you need to give me a shot.

ask for Syd!

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