Site analytics for stalker boy on craigslist – I heard he was chirping again…

Funny how our non-technical web boy knows how page counters work!. Yes, NOBODY is reading the main page where the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR resides, after all he’s a dead horse who’s almost entirely out of the┬áPUBLIC SECTOR, so now we may have to be more careful as he settles in as a PRIVATE CITIZEN. Yes, NOBODY cares no longer about the lying, deceiving stalker boy, but to clarify IF anyone still visits the Mansfielders Perspective page?. Well, these analytics don’t lie – 13,142 visits in the last month means folks are still looking even though there’s a slight distraction on rants and raves getting attended to, thanks again my friends for your continued support. With “you” we will continue to move forward at eliminating professional courtesy and immunity in our fair community. As you have seen on our “wall of shame” there have been several removed from office with only a small few left to go!.

SiteAnalytics_Jan2013 – Word Doc

SiteAnalytics_Jan2013 – PDF


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