Shutdown inspires protest at Mansfield Social Security office?

Shutdown inspires protest at Mansfield Social Security office

Employees conducted an informational picket outside the building Wednesday at noon?

So, what did we learn here?

We learned…

Employees are working, just don’t know when they will be paid. – Hmmm?

The service we have is limited, IF you want a replacement card they can’t process those? This says a lot!, not many should need a new card anyways, I have had mine for 40 plus years and still to this day have kept it safe 🙂

“We’re here to serve the public” – Sounds to me we’re just here to protest not getting paid?

I for one can care less!, I want my Social Security when I get old enough and know for a fact it won’t be there. This Ponzi scam is unfolding before our eyes!, and it all started by the same oppressors who made the same promises, (we’re here for you).

Now this should have EVERYONE Rolling on the floor laughing?

Wake up!, the Country is Broke, and it’s NOT Congresses fault!

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