“Sheriff’s No. 2 man no longer employed” – What happened to the piece that said he was FIRED?

Sheriff’s No. 2 man no longer employed

Interesting comments, wish I could comment; damn CENSORS!

  • Paula Mex   

    Remember this is TAXPAYER money so it is public. How much will we need to pay if the Sheriff is wrong like we have paid so many times over the past years. There is something wrong at the Sheriffs Office there is too much talk going around about how people are being treated. This is not a very honest group that is leading this office. HEY NEWS JOURNAL how much does it cost to have public records requests checked by a law firm that makes hundreds an hours?? Do other police offices do this?? Not surprised so many of our Sheriffs have gotten into trouble.
    How soon some want the taxpayer to forget that we are the ones who pay for this! – Phil
  • Joan Roth · Works at Richland Engineering Limited

    Why is this even news, its between them not us.
    You can choose to bury your head in the sand, if a Deputy is FIRED!, it is the public’s interest because we will be the ones who will pay for it.   –  Phil
  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    it seems not only was Major fortney fired but evicted from Sheriff Sheldon’s rental house as well ! that is a sign that it was probably not good ! The Sheriff should pause for a week or two and be in no hurry to replace the Major ! he could save his department $73,000 a year and have no Major ! but if He decides to it would be nice to see him promote with in ! Sheriff Shetler promoted RIck Reeves straight up from the rank of Sergeant to Major ! or ask some of your already Retired Deputies if there interested ? Matt Mayer or Bob Mack or Danny Rogers or better yet snag up Norris Baker or get John Nicholson before he retires next month ! but those that are retired probably want to enjoy Retirement !
    It’s interesting you say his #2 man is getting evicted, maybe it has to do with delinquent taxes? Times are tough and the Sheriff does own quite a bit in Richland County. I’m just curious if he got these the right way, or the wrong way?  – Phil
    • Cheryl Lambert-Avila · Top Commenter · Works at Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits

      maybe you shouldnt make assumptions when you don’t really know what your talking about.
      What Cheryl does Rick not know what he’s talking about? Please let us know here, some of us are banned from commenting on the MNJ.

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