Sheriff shuffles command team while trying to silence the critics.

But, does it really help when people have read all the books by Martin Yant? Apparently there’s STILL something sinister lurking behind closed doors downtown and damage control is essential.

It was said that Steve Sheldon went to the press to give his story and wanted the comments section turned off and the MNJ would not agree, they got the story anyways?

Sheriff shuffles command team, announces Bosko will retire

Careful clicking on the Sheriffs release, it’s chocked full of spyware – lol! – Richland County Sheriff’s Office press release 12/5/13 – my browser went nuts trying to download this, so needless to say I will be checking for any unwanted bugs when I am through here, lost a computer once clicking on stuff from this site. Truth!

I suspect there’s been some problems for quite a while now, they haven’t posted ANYTHING on their facebook page in over a month, so surely there’s been a lot of damage control going on within this organization. Here’s the link to their facebook, take a look for yourself.

I found a few things there that make me curious, one being the Danielle Ralph case in which we haven’t heard anymore about, and the many posts that would make you believe the MNJ may not have been posting everything they wanted you to read or know. They made a special announcement for the Richland Source and said they were going “Live” to give you updates one call at a time. I’m curious, IF they didn’t want Jami Kinton to do this because it has something to do with the Safety of Officers, then why would they? Here’s a few posts that left me scratching my head…

Danielle M. Ralph, 23 (aka Behr) was arrested at approximately 0204 hours on June 22, 2013. She was served warrants for Interference with Custody, a felony of the 5th degree, and Contempt of Court. She remains incarcerated in the Richland County Jail with no bond. The children were returned by Sheriff’s Deputies to their legal custodian, Aaron Behr, their father. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public and the media for their cooperation in this investigation/apprehension.

Major Dale Fortney
Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Interesting thing that we haven’t heard anything more about this, could it be that this was one of the many botched investigations being the Behr family does work for the County and City of Mansfield?

Richland County residents…starting tomorrow we are going to do our best to start “live Facebook” posts–keeping you informed one call at a time.
Crazy day (as usual) in the county today…deputies ran their tales off. Good news is everyone went home to their families…

Richland County Sheriff’s Office

Burglaries off the chart in the county. Residents: Trust NO ONE. Do not let strangers into your home to use the phone, do not give them money, and keep your doors locked at all times–specifically in the day–even if you are home. Don’t live in a bubble no matter where you live. Most of these groups have drug addictions and will do anything for a fix.
Tip: If a stranger comes to the door, do not open and make sure it’s locked. Crack the nearest window and call out–asking what they want.
Reading just a few from their facebook would indicate having live updates to what is going on in the County was more of a gadget to show the taxpayers more funding will be needed to keep you informed and/or up to date on common sense approaches to remain safe within the County? I find it being a slap in the face they think the majority of people in this County are stupid, and that may be the case as we see ballot after ballot getting passed every time they need additional funding. I like the fact their wanting to be transparent with having a facebook account, but without REAL investigations before they post is more than likely what lead to the infighting and safety issues and concerns with the City? 
I have one thing that I’m curious about? I wonder since there has not been any posts in over a month on FACEBOOK that this is what lead to all their latest problems and if they will resume posting? My second curiosity since the fair Sheriff wanted the MNJ comments to be shut off if that’s the case on their FACEBOOK account that may have led to this? You don’t see many comments, so one can only assume like the MNJ much of what they shared was censored as well. Things that make you say hmmm?
Anyone wanting to comment can surely do it here, unlike my fan on craigslist says…you can, if you dare! After all we all know how they attack me for knowing who I am which is more than likely how they like it!
Good to see a few posting in this not afraid to “tell it like it is” – anyone else not afraid of retaliation and retribution? Speak now, or forever hold your peace!
What they are saying on FACEBOOK (Smile)
  • Brian Chapman · Top Commenter · Works at Retired

    Pretty sad when the law enforcement is more corrupt than the criminals are ! I just wonder how many more there are and how many innocent people were imprisoned ! Corruption starts at home !
  • Andrew W. Crowl

    Thank you News Journal for posting the last part of the story. I would question the motive of the Sheriff for playing games like this with the local press.
  • Joe Switzer · Top Commenter · Office/Finance Manager at Michael Steinberg and Associates

    I wonder if Mr. Bosko will be working undercover in Columbus as Mr. Hart did during the Weikle years and then come galloping back on his white stallion to save the Sheriff’s Department after he seems to have been forgotten.
I suggest not only the Sheriff work on integrity and personal relations with the public, that MPD do it as well before the shit does hit the fan for what they do!
People are quite frankly sick of professional courtesy & immunity for the men in uniform who disgrace the integrity of the job.  You can’t handle the critics and only look to silence?, we have NEWS for you! – We don’t need your updates and half truths that can’t be refuted. You want to bring back integrity?, then you need to quit trying to silence those who have something to say!
Have a wonderful day!, we can DEFEND ourselves both physically and through social media. Maybe IF you want to investigate something, maybe you should investigate who’s making threats to citizens from within YOUR ORGANIZATION on CRAIGSLIST and my site.
You can start with this…the NEXT problem surely to surface that surely has gotten RC more attention than they wanted… – here you will find a comment I find alarming along with the IP of the one you need to track! Appears you have MORE problems than you thought with this guy now suing for wrongful imprisonment.

Author : Thomas Hughes (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
Byron Yambrisak has some serious problems. He has been stalking prostitutes for years. He currently has two felony charges against him in the Richland County courts. He victims are sheriffs deputies. He has been stalking , harassing one prostitute from Mansfield since 2008. He claims she has been sleeping with Richland county sheriffs deputies. When Mr. Yambrisak has been asked the names of such deputies he can’t give any. He claims that the Richland county sheriffs department allows this woman to work as a prostitute. What Mr. Yambrisak don’t get. Richland county sheriffs department can’t arrest a woman for prostitution when she doesn’t do it in Richland county. She does it in Cleveland and Akron. Not Richland county. Every member in law enforcement that has dealt with Mr. Yambrisak knows this guy has some serious mental issues.

Mr. Yambrisak trial is coming up. I’m 100% positive he will be convicted and sent to state prison. Mr. Yambrisak screwed his life up for not getting the mental health help he needs. He also screwed his life up and will end up in state prison all over a prostitute. Mr. Yambrisak is his worse enemy. He just doesn’t know when to give up and shut up. His mouth has gotten himself into trouble. All over a prostitute who will see any man for a 150 dollars. He was madly in love with a prostitute. When he wanted to be her boyfriend and she rejected him. He went off his rocker. Everyone knows you don’t date, marry or fall in love with a prostitute.

Mr. Yambrisak enjoy your stay in prison. When you get out of prison. Avoid hookers!

I would like to say…   I will be ROTFLMAO now that he’s out that he does sue your asses!, and Mansfield / Richland County Residents wonder what’s going on around here?



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