Sheriff said…If the safety tax didn’t pass, “Crime will Soar” – Hello, what’s it doing now?

The Richland County temporary safety tax from 1997 passed to become on it’s way to permanent. Is it amking us safer, or filling our servants pockets?.

I report & YOU decide!

Just some of the latest crimes soaring in Mansfield;|breaking|text|Frontpage|topnews|text|Frontpage

Just a few thats been reported in the area, there’s much more that hasn’t and maybe it’s time our local media addressed it?.

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6 Responses to Sheriff said…If the safety tax didn’t pass, “Crime will Soar” – Hello, what’s it doing now?

  1. Obrigado por todas as informações aqui.

  2. yah give em something ingame ..thats worth all the money they’ll be wasting on this game Lol

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  5. Edelnide says:

    i agree with your thought. thank you for your sharing.

  6. buckeyesyd says:

    Just think, they’re looking to make this problem worse!

    The County Commissioners passed another .25% sales tax increase which will suppress more job growth and will cause more to close their doors!

    When will these idiots get their heads out of their butts?.

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