“Sheriff must be transparent” – filed under anonymous on the MNJ site, now that ROTFLOL!

These words and I quote are found online for FREE by the Mansfield News Journal a Gannet Co. News reporting agency! – WTH?, now we are reporting anonymous thoughts?

Can we say NOW we know who’s behind the latest rants and raves attack on my site and family?

Sue me you wanna be news reporters, enough is enough!

Here’s the link to and a few things I am curious about! – Sheriff must be transparent

Let me dissect this for you…

We don’t believe the departure of the No. 2 person at the Richland County Sheriff’s Department was a simple resignation. Who’s “we”?, if you’re talking about Joe public in general then I can agree, but if you are just another public figure, we want to know who you are? – Admin

If it had been, both Sheriff Steve Sheldon and Maj. Dale Fortney would be talking about it publicly and answering questions. Instead, Fortney left the office abruptly, quickly moved out of the house he was renting from Sheldon, and refuses public comment. My question is how you know this and are reporting anonymously when the news agency should be the one doing this for YOUR protection? Doing this makes me curious, how about everyone else who reads this? – Admin

Sheldon announced the resignation in a brief written statement, but also refuses to answer questions about it. The formal announcement came more than a day after Fortney left and within hours after Sheldon consulted with an attorney. I’m just curious why the MNJ reported he was FIRED, to later change to a mutual leave or resignation if you will? – Admin 

Fortney may have technically resigned, but probably not because he wanted to and only because it benefits him to resign instead of getting fired. This does send a message that each party has dirt on one another that could and will be detrimental to our local parasites. – Admin

So, what prompted this sudden split and why isn’t anyone willing to discuss it? It seems likely the two men had a sharp disagreement over how to manage the department and the details of that disagreement might embarrass one or both of the men. EXACTLY – Admin

The problem for Sheldon is he is accountable to the voters who put him in office and who pay for his operation. He owes the public a thorough explanation. I agree, unless he’s not running again in fear the rumors on the streets are accurate, he may be wanting to leave on a quiet note being that he owns a lot of properties here? – Admin

Fortney’s departure comes on the heels of a public disagreement between Sheldon’s department and the 10-county METRICH drug enforcement task force. Current and former METICH officials say the sheriff’s department is wasting public money and creating potentially dangerous conflicts for police officers. Quite frankly you can hang that hat on the bleeding heart plea deal system, the Courts and the Prosecution office. Everyone knows only a few select cops are a problem, and that’s ONLY because of their friends in the Courts, Prosecution departments. I agree integrity needs to be brought back to the Courts with the latest findings the Supreme Court does agree! – Admin

These officials are particularly concerned about the lack of communication on drug cases, saying separate police agencies could be working on the same case at the same time, possibly showing up simultaneously at drug raids. I believe what’s REALLY happening is those who cannot get work who are on probation that are getting paid to keep the drug problem alive is the REAL WAR! The communication problem is a result of one department or the other having a little more integrity, as Joe public we are yet to know who that is? NOBODY today feels safe ANYWHERE in Richland County when people can get harassed and NOTHING gets done about it. For some reason I may add, they want everyone living in fear around here and to remain silent about it. This is NOT good if you want to move the community forward and get a grip on the drug problem. – Admin

Sheldon admitted the absence of timely communication, but said there is enough drug crime in the county for every police officer to stay busy. He is correct about the broad scope of the drug problem, but his lack of communication could get a police officer injured. This is a problem we all know needs addressed, why is that if officers are well trained and have integrity to uphold and “follow” the law themselves. I believe much of their problems today are the issue of “professional courtesy & immunity” from the same laws each and every citizen must follow. Officers we have found, not ALL have been know to lie, under oath to boot! I personally know one who lied in a Kangaroo court case who teaches others? The bottom line here is we need the TRUTH! – Admin

All of this suggests there are some odd things going on within the sheriff’s department. Sheldon needs to get a grip on these issues and explain to the public exactly what is happening. If I can add, there are issues within, and it’s not just the Sheriffs department where it resides. – Admin

Now that I have SHARED my view here, since by the way I can’t on the MNJ site we will continue in the fight against Corruption in the Courts! We have too many layers of family and friends here in our justice system, most of the PROBLEMS here simply depend on who you are!



Phil Sydnor – Admin


I dare you to take this personally, because I will then take your rants and raves personally and we’ll find out once and for all who you are!     Now that’s ROTFLOL!

Readers can check your crap out here about me – http://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/

Keep it up and you will get the opportunity under oath to swear to everything you say there that CAN and WILL be used against you in a HIGHER COURT!, and as you have found as of late, the Supreme Court is not holding you clowns in high regard.

Bring it!


Interesting comments and one well over due apology –

11 Comments – see only 7, hmmm?
  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC
    I would like to apologize to Joyce Shetler and Rick Reeves and Roger Paxton for my comments in the News journal regarding this News journal article ! i have known all of you for over 25 years and Joyce you and Dale Shetler have been very good to me and Rick Reeves you have been more than a fair Major at the Sheriff’s department when I worked there from 1986 to 1990 . And please accept my apology for anything hurtful that I had put in the paper . like Sheriff Shetler use to say “if only you could keep the politics out” it would be o.k. and by the way out of all the Sheriff’s that I have known Dale Shetler did have the Public’s Best interest at Heart he was definitely for the citizens of this county ! Again I apologize to these 3 people and also to Dale Fortney because it is not my Business but his and Sheriff Sheldon as to what happened !
  • Drew King · Ivy Tech Community College

    IN MY OPINION (I only say “in my opinion” for legal reasons and not expose my sources of info)…..
    Fortney was FIRED. The word is he was tired of Capt. Eric Bosko’s on-going unethical investigations and overall corruption. Fortney advised him he was not doing things right and brought it to issue with Sheldon. The discussion became heated and the axe was dropped. Sheldon & BOSKO are very, very close close friends and have been for decades, thus, the reason BOSKO became “Captain”, literally overnight, under the disguise of the “Crime Lab”. Sheriff Sheldon has proven he will do anything, including bring down the sheriff’s office, to protect Eric BOSKO and his corruption. And anyone who even “attempts” to get in the way are taken out (politically). BUT hopefully if things go as they appear all of this will very soon be exposed and the political axe will fall on them. I’m sure Sheldon and BOSKO are feeling the heat. The bottom line is ever since ERIC BOSKO came into power alot of very CORRUPT things have been going on at the S.O.. Maybe the CORRUPT things he did in my case and the Gilbert Rush case helped blow his ego up to allow him to continue with his PATTERN OF CORRUPT ACTIVITY. Eric BOSKO is the one who runs the sheriff’s office not Sheldon. As I’ve said before… STAY TUNED ! MORE TO COME VERY SOON.*Note- These have been “the ramblings of a convicted felon” …. convicted due to BOSKO’s CORRUPTION.

    ~ Maurice A. King ” III ” … NOT … “JR.”
    (The INNOCENT “Bellville Cop” that BOSKO fabricated a case against)

    ***posting on borrowed account

  • John DeChiara · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

    And when election time comes, you’ll vote him back in. Or he’ll will put himself back in.
  • Larry Sperzel · Top Commenter · EDT at StarTek

    The only difference between then and now is that the News Journal was a partner with Wrinkle. Doesn’t seem that way now if they are trying to expose an obvious cover-up.
  • Joe Switzer · Office/Finance Manager at Michael Steinberg and Associates

    Sounds like the Weikle days are back, from 1968 until he went to prison.

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