Sheriff must address shooting questions – Let’s address this, shall we?

Sheriff must address shooting questions


Mar. 21, 2014 8:25 PM   |

There are a lot of questions to be answered about the fatal shooting of a Lexington man last weekend by Richland County sheriff’s deputies.

Before posing some of the key questions, we must acknowledge the difficult challenge the deputies faced. They were preparing to face a suspect who had a history of domestic violence complaints, who had made death threats in this case and who reportedly was armed with a gun. – Keep in mind “history”, once in 2013 Case: 2013CRB01491 – DISMISSED? Not really “HISTORY” of violence if it was dismissed now was it? I also understand the fact in this case it involved a gun, or at least a made up gun? – STILL NO GUN? The question I pose is “IF” the text really came from Brian why he mentioned he too now has a gun, who was he afraid of and why he said this? My guess is…we will NEVER know because he was snuffed out for no good reason. The second question is why the mother said it was MURDER when they didn’t even ask him if he had a gun? Something is SURELY FISHY here and why they are leaving the name of the shooter out? The public is speculating it’s Zehner who was allegedly at a bar drunk the night before and why it took so long to get the Coroner involved. It would also be hard to believe Fraser shot himself, but then again we are here to speculate because they refuse to make public info public! Answer these questions and joe public may understand, instead your cronies will just say those who are speculating have had a brush with the law or have a history too, in my case yes I do – a BS Domestic charge from 2001 that one of their craigslist posters keeps making a big deal of to lose credibility of those who oppose the corruption that has gone on here long enough. Using ones so called history or past does not justify MURDER – PERIOD!

This was a troubled young man in which bureaucrats have FAILED! So much for the many State and Federal programs for bringing safety to Richland County, are we really safe when you can be gunned down for it?

Tremendous anxiety was certainly in play. Sure there’s anxiety! – those who have a warrant or cops on their back have the realization and knowledge that THEY LIE and can hem you up for life on their word with no recourse.

You can guarantee IF the Sheriff makes another cry that “crime will soar” if he don’t get money, that it goes towards arming every Deputy from this day forward with a camera and recording device. If they are caught without out it from this day forward in which a death can’t be justified, DEATH! – eye for an eye, that’s what we need for these wanna be Gods – period! Sure my emotions are flying, ROTTEN TO THE CORE LIVES and needs STOPPED NOW!

Having said that, many questions remain. Key among them is whether other options existed for the deputies other than opening fire and killing the suspect. This question is heightened by the reality that the suspect was unarmed. – TRUTH!

A search warrant document filed as part of an independent review of the shooting by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) shows that 16 empty bullet casings were discovered at the scene, but no gun belonging to the dead man. – INTERESTING!

Four deputies have been placed on paid leave pending the results of the probe. – NICE!, bet at least one of them is bragging at the bar in Shelby, rumor has it!

Another question that must be addressed by the investigation is why the county coroner was not called to the scene until several hours after the shooting. Calling the coroner early to the scene of a death is normally standard procedure for law enforcement agencies. – Maybe like the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR tried to do, cover up alcohol in his system from his phony arrest in which took hours to show up at this very Sheriffs office in which by the way was given professional courtesy! Look it up, it’s in the transcripts on this very website!

BCI and the sheriff’s department seem to say they thought the other had called the coroner. The concern is the absence of this call may create the impression deputies did not want another independent eye on their work. With today’s technology, you want us to believe this?

Given the series of controversies that began swirling around the sheriff’s department last fall, one would expect deputies to perform now with an extra degree of care and self-control. That makes this shooting even more worrisome. – Yes, when one of these deputy’s (Frasier) through a tirade and had a psych evaluation is why folks are speculating it was him. He was also noted to have whooped a guy in a garage in which the guy later recanted?

One of the controversies pitted the sheriff’s department against the regional METRICH drug enforcement task force over how to conduct drug operations. That dispute has reportedly been resolved. Sure, to keep drugs on the streets you have to work together?

Another dispute developed between Richland County Sheriff’s Cpt. Eric Bosko and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Cleveland. In a letter, the federal office said it would no longer handle Bosko investigations because it found him evasive and untruthful. That dispute has not been resolved. I have found many of these guys get enjoyment from their jobs, and it’s not just Richland County either. I saw one Deputy from another County show his enjoyment of tasering a disorderly drunk who admitted THEY like shooting them in the back to see how high they will raise up on their toes before falling forward onto their face, now that’s nuts!

As the community awaits the results of the shooting probe, we encourage Sheriff Steve Sheldon to remind his staffers of the critical importance of care and control. Let them also know the community will be pushing for camera’s strapped to everyone of their asses, it’s a PROVEN FACT crimes will go down when BOTH parties are recorded.

Please share your thoughts here for the World to see, enough is enough!

Surely we all know it’s against the law to refute the news, or so they want it that way!

If you want the TRUTH, just ask their fictitious poster on facebook – Drew Tyler on facebook? he/she believe’s there’s NOTHING WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO?

Question this Drew –

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  • Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    All in All Domestic Violence is a serious Problem in this country and a high number of Law enforcement officers are killed every year do to Domestic Violence ! this is a tragedy for Law enforcement as well as the victims involved ! First of all I support our Local Law enforcement agencies and i realize how big of a LOSS the Garber family is feeling right now ! There only child was killed and the Hurt and Pain they are suffering is so UNBEARABLE ! here is a family who summoned The Richland County Sheriff’s department for HELP to what put there son in a Hospital where he can be treated for the Mental anguish he has been going through since the death of his Daughter and now there son , Husband , Father is Dead ! It is a very tragic thing for a family to handle ! Now you have 4 Deputies suspended and 16 casings found where Mr. Garber was shot to death ! Honestly what does anyone expect the citizens of this community to think ? we intrust our sheriff who is a Honorable man and his department that he is over and I can see if there were 2 shell casings but 16 is this not a bit of a over kill ? there are a lot of questions the community will want answered and the out come will be watched by the entire community my prayers to the Garber family and the Richland county Sheriff and his Deputies ! – What a change of heart from day one by Mr Rush, hmmm?
  • Byron E Yambrisak · Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

    In the recent past the RCSO has had 7 or so civil law suits which stemmed from a few of the following incidents listed below.

    1. Operation Turnaround where 7 innocent people were arrested and charged and sent to prison based in
    large part on the perjury of Chuck Metcalf. Steve Sheldon said later Metcalf’s perjury “wasn’t a
    career ender”

    2.The shooting death of Gilbert Rush which happened when RCSO stormed the house unannounced while
    executing a search warrant for shoplifting! Eric Bosko later “investigated” the murder.

    3.The suspension of Mike Viars by Eric Bosko, the Sheriff later did a complete 180* and reinstated him
    saying he will make a good deputy.

    4.The Deputy who struck and killed a pedestrian on the 4 lanes of Lexington Avenue because he was
    rushing to a call of 4 officers fighting with school teachers on a golf coarse.

    5. The death of an inmate in the Richland County Jail who died because Jailers did not give him his
    seizure medication. The next day Captain Roger Paxton deleted the video because it was redundant
    with what Jailers would testify to. State Law requires this video be kept for 30 days. A jailer told the
    Mother the day after her son’s death she will never see that video, he was right!

  • Allen Vandayburg · Top Commenter · Mansfield Senior High (The Red and White one)

    Just like any other jurisdiction in the Country Law enforcement is not obligated to comment on any open investigation, especially one they don’t have the lead on. There is a need to know and a right to know, and until this is investigation is completed you have neither….
  • Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

    LOL! Stop it News Journal, you’re killing me here, I’m laughing so hard! LOL!
    • Byron E Yambrisak · Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

      I am glad a former Sheriffs Deputy Dale Rhoads finds it so funny that the News Journal is finally standing up to his department after his cronies murdered a man!
    • Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

      Lol!! Drama queen much Byron? Or whatever your name is this week. Lol. – The same can be said for a buddy of yours, Drew Tyler????
    • Robert L. Eichof · Top Commenter

      Dale Rhoads making fun of someone being a Drama Queen…………….not THAT’S funny! – Yes, the KING of drama queens, no wonder he comments from Texas?

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