Sheriff evading key questions – I see I’m not alone in questioning these stories?

Sheriff evading key questions

We have a few questions for beleaguered Sheriff Steve Sheldon as he begins the second half of his current four-year term. I wonder who “we” is since nobody is taking credit for the writing? Nice, now we can comment anonymously in the Mansfield News Journal and not depict who we is – lol!     Somebody must fear there could be retribution coming if they do?

The first question has to do with Dale Fortney, who was formerly the No. 2 in command behind Sheldon. Fortney recently and abruptly left the department, saying he retired. Sheldon said he resigned. But a state report that granted Fortney unemployment said he was unjustly fired for stirring up resentment among employees. Good question, just how do you get unemployment when you’re retired?

What is the truth behind Fortney’s departure?

The second question relates to Capt. Eric Bosko, regarded as the No. 3 person in the department. The U.S. attorney’s office for this region recently said it will no longer accept cases from Bosko because he was untruthful and evasive in an unidentified matter.

Sheldon responded by saying Bosko is a great cop. Bosko is now handling primarily administrative matters and is retiring this summer. Politics my friend, politics 🙂

What is the matter or case that prompted the federal attorney to issue such an unprecedented warning? In addition, what did Bosko do to create the strong impression he was untruthful and evasive?  Yet another good question, maybe it had to do with the Maurice King case and pending lawsuit?

Most recently, a former member of the sheriff’s office and a union representative representing a current member said they felt the men were disciplined or arrested by Sheldon’s department because they were viewed as political or union threats.

Sheldon and his attorney have not answered News Journal questions about the details of these allegations. Why not?

Sheldon is trying to conduct business as if there are no serious controversies swirling around him. Why is that? I believe it’s because of rumors that he has a gambling problem or has been making purchases of foreclosed homes illegally for himself and friends, who knows?


  • Brenden America · Coffee Guy at Starbucks

    Phil Messer is no longer a public figure.
    The Sheriff is a public figure and is oath bound to respond to inquiries from the public. He also has a policy of transparency on the Sheriff’s web page. Will he abide by his own policy?
  • Wauny Waun · Madison Adult Education

    All the city cops and sheriff’s are dirty the truth is finally coming out.just open your eyes its been going on for years in Mansfield (remember rotten to the core)ask Doug metcalf he know he was in on setting up 28 they are all working to make the police department look good and their selfsame with lies.
  • Jean Newmeyer Mckinney ·  Top Commenter

    Hmm… I think everyone should have a right to voice their opinion, rather they have skeletons in their closet or not (and EVERYBODY has at least one so I guess there’s no room for stone throwing). Doug Metcalf, I get your point . I cancelled my subscription to the News Journal just this month because I am sick and tired of the bias reporting that goes on with the News Journal. I think they have a lot of that CNN mentality going on. You know…. they are god so everyone should answer when they beckon, and yet they can pick or choose what slant they want to put on each story.
  • Paula Mex

    Interesting since you are reading it now. Although I agree with you since your brother plead guilty in federal court for lying when he was a Sheriffs Deputy you may not want to dredge up those old stories that are easy to google. Its so easy to check people out and why they say thingsJ ust saying..
  • Interesting how the News Journal thinks they can tell the Sheriff what to do. As far as I know, the Sheriff is not obligated to speak with the News Journal about anything – and if I were him I would not take any calls from them. They have made it more than obvious that the truth is not something they care about. Frankly, I’m surprised anybody still takes that paper. I am glad to see that many people recognize the odd omissions in the News Journal coverage of a coroner’s employee stealing money from a dead man. How about it News Journal? Why not report on Ball? There’s a key question for you to evade. How about the perjurer Phil Messer? No questions for him?

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