Sheriff, coroner, commish races contested in primary plus an Independent or two?

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Sheriff, coroner, commish races contested in primary

“Incumbent sheriff J. Steve Sheldon will face a challenger from his own Republican party, Jerry A. Botdorf. It will be the first time the incumbent has faced opposition since 2004. The primary winner then faces Matthew James Mayer, a Democrat, next fall.” – Wouldn’t this be Botdorf vs Mayer with the winner facing the Sheriff?

I would say Mayer may face issues concerning his being video taped the month or so before the Mike Skidmore incident on July 9th 2015. He is shown here not handling citizens with respect doing what they were lawfully allowed to do, recording here a public records request. You will also see cause for alarm where he did not properly identify himself here as County building security which led to a similar incident where Mike Skidmore was confronted once again by tagless unidentified security when it was alleged he was disorderly and told to leave.

Watch the second video, do we really need a Sheriff that can’t talk to citizens, truthfully. Sure sounds misleading here?

“As sheriff, Mayer said, he would treat others in a manner in which he would like to be treated, pledged that residents would “get good customer service” when filing a criminal complaint. The candidate said he decided to run for office because he feels there is a void that needs to be filled in the sheriff’s department when it comes to assisting residents and getting crimes solved. Mayer said he would work on increasing self-esteem among sheriff’s employees.” – I guess Mayer don’t know what its like to be treated as a citizen, yet knows how to give good customer service, really shows here? My guess he is more CONcerned with self esteem among Sheriffs employees than those he will serve, hmmm?


“Incumbent Richland County Commissioner Tim Wert could face two Republicans, Darrell Banks and David Morgenstern, in the May primary. Whichever man win would face Democrat Ron Davis in November.”

Morgenstern is a businessman who lives in Lexington (the News Journal previously reported in error that he lived in Shelby due to an incorrect information initially released by the elections office). –

The Republican said he has attended more than 200 county commissioners’ meetings, out of an interest in county government.

“I am not a politician,” Morgenstern said. “I believe in not raising taxes unless voters approve it – not just the three people in the commissioner’s office,” he said.

His prior experience, he said, includes acting as personal assistant to a major Columbus realtor who handled residential sales in Columbus, and serving as office administrator for a medical/chiropractic business in Columbus.

A fifth candidate, Phil Sydnor, said he also plans to run as an independent in the commissioner’s race, and will file when that deadline comes up later this year.

Sydnor is a salesman at ABC Warehouse who were present at county commissioner’s office when the incident between Mike Skidmore and two courthouse security guards occurred. “It’s about transparency. I don’t think our commissioners are very transparent,” he said. “I believe there are too many special interests involved.”

In the race for the other open county commissioner’s seat, incumbent Gary L. Utt, a Democrat, faces a challenge in November by former county commissioner Dan Hardwick, a Republican. Connie Garber, who recently announced plans to run as a Republican ticket, said Wednesday afternoon she is considering the possibility of running as a write-in, after some “confusion” late Wednesday about whether her petitions were valid. – I find it interesting just a week ago when Connie Garber announced her run there was no Dan Hardwick mentioned, interesting! This tells me they are worried an outsider may get in? Just like when first announced I was petitioning as a Republican against Morgenstern we now have the Bellville Mayor throwing his hat in the ring? Interesting stuff indeed.

Garber said she brought petitions in to the elections office Wednesday afternoon, and was initially told that two petitions were considered invalid because the people who circulated them needed to be registered Republicans.  Garber said she returned home, got a call from the deputy elections director saying a further reading of state requirements would allow those petitions to be counted, since the circulators had not voted in recent elections,and asking whether she could return to the office by 4 p.m. to complete the filing process. “It was five (minutes) till 4. I said it would take me 20 minutes to get there,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate that I got sent away. I want people to know that I did try,” she said.

That’s a bit of interesting stuff right there – WOW!


Comments please, their little Drew Tyler will love this! Surely a drunk post on craigslist coming?

The only opposition I have has resorted from one on craigslist or one who used to post on Facebook running a fake account speaks volumes. There is something these people fear about honesty and integrity. Characteristics I have and are needed more than what some say are not enough? I am told you need to know the inner workings of how business and Government work, curious about that quite frankly. What I am seeing is business as usual, pumped up resumes from those who believe these are the tell all about who you are? Well, I noticed one who is running who took a family business and bankrupted it. While another who was already a commissioner that was ousted after one term, both of which were certainly put in as distractions by the powers that be, aka special interests. I want to stop this!, the people as Morgenstern eluded to should be involved in the inner workings of a strong community, not a corporate owned strong hold as we are seeing. This corporate strong hold I believe is destroying independence and driving more dependence on Government. Those who know me know me as many things, maybe not as a political leader and that would be true, not a huge fan of politics. How ever I believe I am a great negotiator and people person who can unite the community and rid it of the division we are seeing. Division is driving despair and a dangerous environment for both the independent and dependent to live among one another.

My pledge if and when I get on the ballot as I learn the process is to SERVE THE PEOPLE, not special interests as it appears we are doing. We need to get back to a Government for the people by the people. If you too believe this I am your guy, if not then I am simply not that guy.

God Bless America, and God Bless the people, we are in the times where we need tough leaders who will stand publicly to be accountable, not holding meetings in secrecy like we have seen over the years! 

Something we will not see with this guy, a puppet. 

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