Sheriff breaks prostitution ring; Interesting!, but I still believe there’s a lot more not exposed yet?

Sheriff breaks prostitution ring

Officials allege drug addicts were forced into sex for hire

I thought the Sheriff is Sheldon and Bosko a Deputy?, none the less I think if they would have listened to Byron Yambrisak months ago they may have caught many more? This is nothing new to folks that frequent these stops along I-71, all you have to do is open your eyes!

Anyone with information on human trafficking or prostitution in the area is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office major crimes hotline at 419-774-5610 or the METRICH tipline at 52-CRIME.

I still believe that Byron fella was RAILROADED  because he implied a Deputy or two were involved with Escorts being used locally, maybe now that they are serious, someone can look him up in prison or check with the person who hijacked his account here! How do I know his accounts been hijacked?, I removed his account and he requested to rejoin while he’s in prison where surely he has no access?

Good luck bringing the rest of them down, especially those who I was told by Byron that are protected. If I were an investigator, I would be tracking the escort they used to railroad Byron with, surely she can lead you to more?

Jul. 26, 2013 8:01 PM   |
Written by
Mark Caudill
and Kaitlin Durbin

BELLVILLE — Drug-addicted women were forced into online escort services, providing sex for hire, according to a human trafficking investigation conducted by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.

“I just think it’s despicable that somebody would take advantage of another human being and basically ruin their lives, just so they can make money,” sheriff’s Capt. Eric Bosko said.

The sheriff’s office Violent Crimes Impact Team, Major Crimes Unit and Special Deputy Unit conducted a sting Thursday at Comfort Inn & Suites, 855 Comfort Plaza Drive.

The undercover operation resulted in six arrests. Anton M. Marcum, 34, of Mansfield, was charged with compelling prostitution, a third-degree felony. Bosko said Marcum transported one of the female suspects to a sex for hire activity with their four children, between the ages of 1 and 11, in the vehicle.

Charged with misdemeanor soliciting for prostitution were Concetta T. Hill, 33, of Mansfield; Salvina Knox, 28, of Columbus; Latoya T. Pickens, 26, of Columbus; Neona C. McDaniel, 48, of Massillon; and Cassandra Coats, 21, of Mansfield.

Bosko explained how the case involved human trafficking.

“It’s when you take control of another person by any means,” he said. “It’s almost an enslavement of that person.”  

 Kind of sounds like what folks on probation tell me, while others say they would have rather stayed in Prison and done their time – Interesting!

In this case, Bosko said, the women were paid by the controlling person with narcotics, or they received money that they used to buy drugs.

“Not only were they taken to Richland County, they were taken out of state to engage in prostitution,” the captain said. “We also found out they were utilizing different adult escort service websites for their activities.

“Some of the girls would identify a geographic area they would be willing to travel. One potential suspect identified the actual sex acts that she would perform.”

Deputies Stacy Dittrich and Amber Smith handled the online investigation, identifying suspects and potential victims. Bosko credited their work for making the operation a success.

Other agencies involved in the operation were the state attorney general’s office; the state Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation; the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations. Bellville police also assisted.

“I was very satisfied with the outcome,” Bosko said. “We identified the targets and were successful with the arrests.”

Bosko said the sheriff’s office would conduct more undercover operations to try to nab the people behind the prostitutes.

The sting came on the heels of law enforcement telling media that new evidence suggests a possible link between Cleveland murder suspect Michael Madison and human trafficking in Mansfield.

FBI agents and Cleveland police canvassed Poplar Street on Tuesday, asking residents about a bi-racial couple and suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

Madison, 35, faces preliminary charges of aggravated murder and kidnapping in connection with the slaying of three women whose bodies were discovered in a dilapidated East Cleveland neighborhood last week. East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts told searchers he believes there could be one or two more victims.

Last Thursday, Mansfield police charged two males for soliciting prostitution in a separate sting.

The two were picked up during a Mansfield Police Department Special Investigative Unit undercover prostitution sting. That was the result of several complaints of prostitution-related activity in the area surrounding West Third Street and North Benton Avenue.

Anyone with information on human trafficking or prostitution in the area is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office major crimes hotline at 419-774-5610 or the METRICH tipline at 52-CRIME.

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