Shelby Law Director’s admission should be Political Suicide?

Can’t wait to hear how he is human lol!


Shelby law director, judge candidate Eyster charged with OVI in motorcycle crash

Brittany Schock, Staff Reporter / Richland Source

“There is a significant amount of misinformation in the officer’s report, and a significant number of things we take issue with,” McKown said. “Gordon is planning on admitting through no contest pleas of a charge or two he doesn’t deny he did; he doesn’t deny he didn’t have a motorcycle endorsement, and that he didn’t have a helmet on,” he said. “Everything else is strongly denied.”

Complete disregard for the LAW and is a Law Director? Richland County area does not need yet another Judge that can’t be TRUSTED! It’s time we start a WALL OF SHAME to include Political wanna be’s we can’t trust! – I think it’s great in this case the hospital infringed on this mans right (HIPPA) to hide any chance of hiding the fact he was also driving impaired by LAW! Making it tough for voters this election season, we can only hope there is a better choice? Here in this County where birds of a feather flock together that’s a diffiCULT task.

Let the man know, you won’t be VOTING for anyone who disregards the LAW!

If you see this man in public, shame him as he is NOT worthy of the position…

LAW DIRECTOR?, as surely he’s a friend of Drew Tyler…ROTFL!


Police: Shelby law director may have left motorcycle crash scene

Of course, this paper NEVER has information, like Drew Tyler it’s usually misleading. tick tick tick

Cease & Desist, this is not the public’s CONcern Drew Tyler would say?

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