Selling Perch is illegal they say in Ohio?

Here is the Story!

In a State where Gods creatures are illegal to sell for profit yet you are taxed to catch?

Brings NEW MEANING to the Ohio motto…

“With God “All” things are possible” ????

Man indicted for selling yellow perch

2014 Lake Perch Limits

Gasparac is accused of offering to sell yellow perch on craigslist. An agent with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife answered the ads and reported buying a total of 51 pounds of yellow perch on three occasions.

The charges are fifth-degree felonies, punishable by up to a year in prison.

What is this man charged with? Lets take a look at the record shall we???


Now lets take a look at ORC he is alleged as breaking…


1531.02 My guess is this is the question that needs answered since the article does not depict if these were illegally acquired?

“The ownership of and the title to all wild animals in this state, not legally confined or held by private ownership legally acquired, is in the state, which holds such title in trust for the benefit of all the people.”

If this is the part he broke there are many more like him I am sure?

“No person shall buy, sell, or offer any part of wild animals for sale, or transport any part of wild animals, except as permitted by the Revised Code or division rules.”



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