Security officers testify in Skidmore trial, Interesting Perspective?

***Security officers testify in Skidmore trial

 Mark Caudill, Reporter12:43 p.m. EDT June 8, 2016

Screenshot_2016-06-09-06-53-28-1So, which is it reporters from MNJ? The above picture depicts this liar retired, the Prosecutor says he resigned, so which is it?

Tammaro said Norris suffered damage to his eye during the brawl and later had surgery on his right shoulder that required four pins. He resigned from his position. – ***Didn’t take this reporter long to run and get this piece out did it? Then only to add Connie & Robin later depicting not much of what they testified, what kind of reporting is this? One sided is what it appears to me, and surely others who are sick of it, and Independent Reporters who get after the TRUTH are the problem? Now we are seeing WHY this attack was planned, Mike and others were disrupting how the locals are informed and the message they are sent. If I were just a reader I would say guilty as charged! Once again the best circus in town, when will anyone get a fair trial? Its no wonder people are afraid of that building and what legal sham processes go on there! Where are ALL the witnesses I ask? You left out 4 other citizen perspectives and 3 Commissioners who were all there, at least until this idiot shot off his gun because he says he was dazed? Let me tell you this people he was not dazed, watch the video, he was laughing and walked out on his own accord just to be taken out on a stretcher. Chuck Kochis in my opinion was hurt worse and he returned to work immediately. This trial is a farce!, and IF they find Mike Skidmore guilty it will be a travesty of justice which we allowed nearly a year for these people to carefully orchestrate. ALL I can say is WOW!

Comments please, I don’t want to just hear from Drew Tyler their spokesman saying I told you so.


Please, no more cease & desist threats please its more than legal to refute the news through fair use.

Connie spent an hour getting objections while Robin got in 2 hours and 45 minutes as the star witness yet this is all they can report? From the above cited article…

***Connie Garber, whose son was shot and killed by Richland County sheriff’s deputies in March 2014, was the first defense witness. She had considered running for commissioner after attending the July 9 session, saying commissioners made her group feel unwelcome.
Garber said Skidmore did not touch clerk Stacey Crall before the fight broke out.
“The guard walked up to him (Skidmore), didn’t say a word and grabbed his camera,” Garber testified.
Skidmore was recording the session.
Robin Whisler, who brought her teenage son to the meeting, backed Garber’s testimony. She also said she contacted Dave Leitenberger, the chief of security, and Sheriff Steve Sheldon after the incident.
“I was livid that someone would discharge a firearm in a room full of unarmed people, and I wanted him fired,” Whisler said.

Lets say a prayer for Mike Skidmore Independent Reporter today as all he was truly doing is inform the people really what goes on in our County building located in Mansfield.

The Prosecutor in this case is painting a false picture of Mike Skidmore, just as their mouthpiece Drew Tyler has done of me for years now, interesting to say the least! Yes I am a witness in this fiasco and comrade to Mike as another Independent self proclaimed reporter to the people and that’s about it. This may be why they believe I am not a credible witness not wanting me there? They also know like Mike I will not go back to that building without sufficient security knowing NOBODY is safe going there or they can be attacked like Mike and railroaded like we are seeing in the news. I hope the information shared to the jurors was enough to acquit Mike at least on the felonious assaults and inducing panic, all of which was no fault of his in my opinion. Sadly IF Mike loses his battle this will surely be a strong message to the people your voices today will no longer be heard! Peace & Prayers, and many thanks to those who come to Mansfielders Perspective for information you would not receive otherwise.

Yesterdays message and blog with more details.

Jurors in Skidmore trial see video of incident, WHICH VIDEO?

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