School bus drivers urge patience?

School bus drivers urge patience

Parents say children dropped at wrong locations during first week of school

***Not only is the article the typical crap that drives the community nuts, there was absolutely no reason for it! I can understand buses being early or late, but to ask for patience because kids were dropped off at the WRONG locations is and should not be tolerated. I know my comments on the MNJ were not in agreement with this rags personal view and why I was banned, but to allow Peggy Goldberg’s to stay can only mean one thing, they agree with her? Here’s Peggy Goldberg’s last comment I personally disagree with that should have been banned when it can’t be refuted, so I will do it here!

  • Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

    you should be able to be cussed out? Don’t think so. If your foul mouthed brats cant ride the bus and behave and keep their chops under control…WALK. No one should have to put up with that crap, especially when the schools are doing you a favor, and the tax payers are the ones footing the bill. And since when are buses for schools being used to do drop offs at day care? Again NO, that’s not what they are intended for. To and from school yes, any where else should be a NO. Do the parents pay extra for this service? NO, why then are tax dollars being wasted on taxi service to non school drop offs? Tax payers need to remember that next time theres a levy, and they are threatning cuts to busing. Cut out the FAT and stick to the concept.
***First off the “school” is not doing anyone a favor. This service provides the City with a favor to keep traffic congestion and safety of the kids who by law have to attend school safe. IF something would have happened to ANY of these kids who do you think is liable by law? That’s right MORON, the schools. Then who pays for it?, STILL the tax payers. You are complaining about a problem that’s not the tax payers or the peoples fault. You are starting to sound like the leader of the free world and blaming others for your actions. This is like the teachers who call themselves glorified babysitters, give us a break!
Maybe Teachers and bus drivers would be happy Government gets out from their responsibility by law if they were to close public schools and privatize? I for one am sick of having to hear crap like this! You don’t want to take responsibility for your jobs, get out of the business, surely the public can and would find a way to educate their kids. After all the numbers DON’T LIE. This service you don’t want to take responsibility for if and when one kid gets hurt will be lost forever when you’re sued to oblivion.
Hopefully this message will get to Ms Peggy Goldberg aka made up account to stir the pot in Mansfield, such arrogance should not be tolerated by these people. Surely a crony to a friend is why such a moron would drop kids off not knowing where they are. The question not being asked here first before writing a ridiculous article like this is…Did the kids being dropped off look scared not knowing where they were or say anything to the driver(s)?
First we have to answer this question before we can make intelligent comments, something Ms Peggy did not.
Be careful what you ask for PUBLIC WORKERS, we the people may just give you what you want, a TRIP to the unemployment line because of your incompetence!

Such arrogance!

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