Save this country, do not vote for President Obama

Now this letter to the editor should get some due attention?

I can’t believe this election is as close as it is. We have an outstanding businessman versus an anti-American socialist. Can anyone bring up one good thing Obama has done for America since being in office? Take your time, I have until early November.

Never mind the fact he’s undermined our biggest ally in the Middle East – Israel; threw our Marines and Navy Seals under the bus after they took out bin Laden; leaked intell and went on TV taking credit for the kill. America took out bin Laden, years of intell did it. Now we have the embassy scandal. With any other president that’s an act of war. Obama apologized for it, then he threatened not to pay military and retirees. Maybe the Obamas should stay at the big house and not trek all around the world on our dime.

Whether a Democrat, Republican or Independent you must be an American first! All our servicemen who served and died around the world would not have served for what Obama is turning this country into. Please save this country on election day.

Larry Compton



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  • Drenn Workman · Top Commenter · Pseudo human at Planet Earth

    Obviously the letter writer has been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh and has lost sight of reality. This is apparent from the parroted lies about Obama contained in this ramble. In truth it is Romney who will lead this country to financial demise, all the while secreting even more wealth to offshore depositories. Why is there such fervor for the election of Romney from the rich business world? They know he will accelerate the accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of the rich. I repeat once again, the only reasons people have for voting for Romney is that they are rich, ignorant, stupid, or just plain racists.
    • Steve Barber · Top Commenter

      You folks are really something. The minute someone posts a letter in the NJ asking people to vote republican, you blame whatever they say against the current occupant in the White House on the radio talk show hosts. MANY of us do not listen to the radio or watch the TV talk shows available,and are quite capable of making our own decisions about who we believe to be the best person for the job. So tell us, Mr. Workman–where is it that you gather your information from, regarding Mitt Romney? Someone or something has to be providing you with information, in order for you to say what you just said about Mitt Romney. So then tell us who or what influenced you to post your comment?
    • Drenn Workman · Top Commenter · Pseudo human at Planet Earth

      The letter nearly followed rote the mantra spewed forth by the rotund one. Either the letter writer was copying his material verbatim or he is a mind-numbed robot of the chief spokesman for the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh.
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    • Joe Dinger · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

      Steve, I have to wonder where you get your news? Let us know will ya?
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    • Steve Barber · Top Commenter

      I get my news from every source out there. I spend hours catching up on what is going on around the world through all of them. Is that good enough for you, or do you want me to spell it out for you?
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    • Mindy Utz · Top Commenter

      Steve, I believe you’re going to have to spell it out…s…l…o…w…l…y. It’s hard for them to multitask. Can you imagine how tough it must be to grasp that AND try to come up with a reason why it is G.W. Bush’s fault that they weren’t valedictorian of their class after receiving final grades consisting of two F’s, two D’s, & one C
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    • Drenn Workman · Top Commenter · Pseudo human at Planet Earth

      The problem is that when the conservative right looks at the news is that it is irrelevant to them as they go in with their conclusions already set. They only see what they think substantiates what they already “know˝.
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  • Mindy Utz · Top Commenter

    I voted for Romney/Ryan. I would much rather have a President who has proven himself in the business world, proven he can take a multi million deficit and turn it into a multi million profit, etc. As far as religion goes, although I do not practice either religion, I would much rather see Romney in the white house. When’s the last time you saw two missionaries in their white shirts and ties on their bicycles riding around brutally murdering people for simply being Americans or for not having any tolerance for other religions? NEVER. Obama on the other hand has ties to radical Muslims and anti American rhetoric. I won’t even get into the load of horse sh*t that ObamaCare is. Not that I would buy into RomneyCare either…but I feel a heck of a lot safer under Romney than I do Obama. I have voted both Democrat and Republican. I do not hold all the same beliefs as Republicans…but when it comes to our financial state, abortion, LGBT marriage, etc…abortion and marriage are WANT issues. The financial state of America for us, our children, grandchildren, etc. is a NEED issue. For now we need to put the WANTS on the back burner and take care of our NEEDS. Once we have met that goal…THEN pull out the WANT issues. It’s common sense…use it.
    • Joe Dinger · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

      Mindy, did you forget that Bush was a business man? Look where that got us. The inflexibility of a business man is the opposite of the qualities needed in a president.
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    • Lynn Roland · Top Commenter · Ohio University

      Joe Dinger

      George W Bush: “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.”

      But he didn’t save it; Conservatives were against the bailouts. Bailouts don’t work. Why do you think his approval rating was so low….just because Liberals didn’t like him? Puleeze…Liberals need to stop patting themselves on the back….

      Romney didn’t like the bailouts; good for him. No one is too big to fail. NO one. Circumventing bankruptcy laws is not the job of the President. Drones spying on citizens is not the job of the Federal Government, confiscating collected rain water from private property is not the job of the government, making decisions about our health care is not the job of the government……

      Dems are done…people are sick and tired and tired and sick of being told to like it or not when they are fed a crap sandwich by this administration.

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    • Steve Barber · Top Commenter

      Good for you, Mindy. I am glad to hear this. Thank you for sharing.
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    • Mindy Utz · Top Commenter

      Joe, Obama has blamed G.W. Bush long enough. He is wrapping up his four year term in office and is STILL blaming Bush for everything. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe Bush did us many favors…but you didn’t see him running around blaming Bill Clinton for all of his failures. Obama was in a Marxist group in college and was well versed in Saul Alinsky’s “Alinsky Tactics”. He has this ideology down to a T. He has succeeded in using it to his advantage. His lemmings that are still bowing to him are indoctrinated fools. They truly can not see the devastation he has already caused nor can they believe he can do wrong. Those lemmings are almost as dangerous, if not more, than Obama himself is. I say this because at least Obama is smart enough to know what is happening, he is pulling their strings. His lemmings have had it pounded i…See More
    • Drenn Workman · Top Commenter · Pseudo human at Planet Earth

      Unfortunately it does not seem to matter how Romney got his fortune. He got it by selling his fellow Americans down the river.
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  • Lynn Roland · Top Commenter · Ohio University

    Rest assured, sir, that my vote (and family vote) will go for Romney. I’m tired of the pennies replacing the dollars in my bank account.

    Oh, and to those 2% who plan to vanity vote: If Obama wins, you all had better hang your head in shame. We are all going to reap the whirlwind because you think your principles are so freakin’ better than the welfare of this nation!

    Waste your vote on me: Gary Johnson

    Vanity voters…..pfffft

    • Fred Levins · Top Commenter

      I am up here in Michigan, which will almost assuredly be won by Obama, who has a lead of about 9 % in the polls that translates into over 400,000 votes. I feel free, therefore, to “waste” my vote on Gary Johnson. I like most of his positions. He is my favorite. However, if Michigan’s electoral votes were being contested, I would presently feel compelled to cast my vote for Obama, all things considered. It is worth adding that I like Romney, who I consider to be well qualified to be the POTUS. However, I have more concerns about Romney than Obama.
    • Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse

      I think you’re right Fred, there’s ONLY one Messiah that can save this Country now and his names NOT Obama, Romney, or Johnson. How ever Johnson’s wanting to abolish the IRS is a start in the right direction.
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    • Steve Barber · Top Commenter

      Looks like people are finally coming to their senses. Madonna got shat she deserves for this!