Sandy Hook Hoax makes you wonder about July 9th 2015?

Sure appears these shootings are staged, just like July 9th Public Meeting where Mike Skidmore was attacked by a crazed Security Guard who pulled a gun during fist fight in a Court building in which by law no guns are allowed? Can’t wait to see this discussed in the upcoming Trial in June. May 6th will be interesting to see how the media covers without any citizen journalists there? I would go, but word has it those of us who were there are being CONsidered CO-CONspirators, so not sure that’s a good idea when cameras are CONsidered such a threat? Besides, I don’t feel safe in a building where idiots can simply draw weapons on unarmed citizens at will. Thank God nobody was killed that day. Watching how this ordeal unfolded you would think we have actors of our own, especially when they depicted Mike was told to leave? The 47 minute video surely proved that incorrect, a lie if you will?

I digress, back to this issue at hand – The Sandy Hook Hoax, give it a watch and let me know what you think? I you would like to see the 47 minute hoax from last July here just leave feedback below. Thanks!!!

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