Safe house planned for sex trafficking victims in Mansfield – Is this really what we need?, more bureaucracy that stems from Corruption in the Courts!

Here’s another story that simply blows my mind, is this really the focus that’s needed for this? Read the story, and you will see what I mean…my responses are in RED!

Safe house planned for sex trafficking victims in Mansfield

Jun. 30, 2013   |

Written by
Linda Martz
News Journal
Churches and businesses have been invited to adopt rooms at Rahab’s Runaway, decorating them similarly to the room pictured here, as an inviting place for teens at the Mansfield safe house. / Submitted photo by Marlene Carson

MANSFIELD — A residential facility for teen-aged victims of sex trafficking will open this fall in Mansfield.

Nothing Into Something Real Estate, a faith-based nonprofit agency in Columbus, will operate the facility. The program would re-open part of a complex of properties controlled by NISRE that were mired in controversy just two years ago.

During the summer of 2011, the city issued a cease and desist order, banning NISRE, which controlled four near-north-side buildings, from operating a transitional housing program for adult sex offenders in one of them. In September 2011, the city and the nonprofit group signed an agreement allowing NISRE to run a group home, if it obtained proper licensing from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction — but no sex offenders would be allowed to live there.

Mansfield Law Director John Spon said the proposed new use fits terms of that agreement. Minors used by adults in sex trafficking clearly should be considered victims, not perpetrators, he said.

“Obviously, I’m 100 percent totally in support of any facility that will help young people and assist young people in overcoming any type of victimization of children,” Spon said. “I believe that it takes a community to raise children.”

I agree with Mr. Spon, to a point that it takes a community to raise children. So do you think we really need another non-profit who will profit from this? Shouldn’t the “focus” be on the community(s) from which these girls came or will come from? I believe the victimizing of children stem from another fault we are not focusing on, THE COURTS! in which I will explain in a minute below.

The residential facility theoretically could house up to 15 young girls, ages 12 through 17, from Mansfield and elsewhere in Ohio, said founder Marlene Carson.

But Carson said she hopes numbers won’t rise that high — and the program will go into operation gradually, a few girls at a time, to make it more manageable to provide housing, education, health care, therapeutic mental health and support services.

“We want them to live in a healthy environment,” Carson said. “These girls are no different from any other kids, other than that they are traumatized.”

Carson originally founded Rahab’s Hideaway five years ago in Columbus, working with women 18 and older who had been involved in sex trafficking. Earlier this year, she formally restructured her operation under NISRE.

“We believe that NISRE’s continued use of the property as a group home with a population of victims, as opposed to former offenders, is consistent with the settlement reached in September 2011 with the commission,” attorney Roger L. Schantz told Mansfield building and codes manager J.R. Rice in a Feb. 28 letter.

NISRE has taken steps to obtain licensing from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, officials said.

Carson said her dream of establishing a safe house specifically for child victims of sex trafficking became her mission as a result of her own experiences. She was 15 when a couple who had been “courting” her north Columbus neighborhood for two years invited four young girls, including herself, to go to New York City, ostensibly to shop and see a show. Instead, they were given skimpy outfits and used in the sex trade, she said.

“They sold us for the next three days.”

Carson said one girl tried to escape and was raped. She never saw her again. The other three returned to Columbus. After an investigation, the man who took the teens to New York was sentenced to 2 to 10 years in prison, but served less than eight months, she said.

The above here is where the REAL problem lies, so why are we developing a safe house instead of changing the law? It appears we will be building more of these soon if NOTHING is being done to the offenders. 8 months in Prison and more than likely a rap sheet a mile long and we wonder who the terrorists are? Mr. Spon obviously knows this is a PROBLEM, but since he’s in the system he wins in every way by not changing the laws that allow it!, a safe house is their way of saying we’ll take care of you and those who run these sex slave operations.

Carson said she used her own money and got help from 17 volunteers to run Rahab’s Hideaway in Columbus for five years.

“There is not one bed in Columbus for a domestic minor sex-trafficking victim,” she said. “I decided I’m going to have a place for girls to go.”

She began talking to area church groups about human sex trafficking about three years ago.

“It happens right here,” she said. “We are going to make this a community initiative.”

Sorry, but the community initiative should be education!, and by the looks of the report card here for Mansfield, that’s not the case. Terrorists don’t like educated sheeple, they like those they can pursuade into giving money on the premise they will take care of you.

The program will be phased in, admitting a few girls at a time, starting around September or October, as a two-year residential and support services facility, she said.

I thought we already had a “program” in place that would remedy this! Where’s children’s services, planned parenthood, or BETTER YET! – The parents?

Churches and businesses have “adopted” several rooms to redecorate for the girls who will live there, she said.

“We will take girls from Mansfield first,” Carson said. “Then we will take girls from all around Ohio.” Mansfield should be all so proud, the blight on the entire County is going to save a few girls with this PR stunt to make what’s wrong with Mansfield seem all so nice when it’s not! Our Courts are just as bad at throwing the book at these people as anywhere else in this God forsaken State, and this will make it all right?

At the end of two years, NISRE hopes to operate its own foster care agency, licensed for specialized treatment services, she said. What kind of specialized treatment services?, didn’t Oprah give you money for that already in which it was used for Cruisers not necessary for the roads they travel?

“There is a strong need for programs like Rahab’s Hideaway,” Schantz said in a white paper provided to city building and codes manager J.R. Rice Feb. 28. “According to the Ohio Attorney General’s office, human trafficking is an estimated multi-billion dollar a year international enterprise that forces the most vulnerable among us into the horrors of modern-day slavery.” I thought this is what the modern parole/probation system and the courts have developed with their “plea deal” system? Have to talked to the many who are abused or enslaved in this system? Since I have started the MP I have spoke with many who would rather do their sentence to have made a deal with the devil. Many women on parole trade sex for favors while on probation, is this any different?

Criminals involved in trafficking frequently prey on vulnerable people, including children, according to NISRE. A preliminary report on the scope of the problem in Ohio cited 13 years old as the most common age in Ohio for youths to become victims of child sex trafficking, he said. Many who have learned this came through what we call the Justice system, where they also learn how to get away with it!

In a study cited by the Ohio Human Trafficking Commission, 49 percent of the 207 individuals in the study sample were under 18, when they were first trafficked, the group said.

Richland County Juvenile Court Administrator Mike Casto said there has been a movement to decriminalize minors’ involvement in sex trafficking — to see them as victims, rather than willing participants who might come under juvenile courts’ purview. This is where they first learn that it’s ok, at a young age they are slapped on the hands, why else do you think the elder ones seek them out? Mike, here’s your sign!

That change came about partly because when teens who have been trafficked know they’re going to come under court supervision, with criminal records, “that keeps them from coming forward and getting out of that lifestyle,” Casto said.

Susi Maiyer, an “ambassador of hope” for Shared Hope International, a group dedicated to ending sex trafficking, said Berean Baptist Church’s Women’s Ministry team has become involved in raising awareness of the issue — and has looked into helping Rahab’s Hideaway get started.

“People just don’t want to believe it’s happening here,” Maiyer said. “We’ve got to make people aware of this. We’ve got to protect our children.” The way to protect “our children” is to get government bureacracy and laws changed, that’s the BOTTOM LINE. This stems from a Government that’s oppressive and resented for getting in the way!

What these groups “should be” doing is educating how our so-called justice system does not work! All we have here is a revolving door court system where they know all who enter personally, why? – these people bring them CASH!

Teen-aged girls “think they’re finding some guy who cares about them,” but in fact are dealing with an adult predator who patiently grooms them until they see an opportunity to cash in, she said. Yes, it’s always the guys fault – how about teaching these girls their dreams don’t come true for FREE? I have a daughter, hopefully she can be a TRUE advocate for others by NOT listening to this rhetorical hate speech towards men. This ALL stems from a Country that is morally and financially bankrupt in which groups like this profit. Sorry, but VICTIMS never have been able to to fix others, how ever they usually find each other to make themselves feel good about their mistakes. Mistakes are hard knocks, hard knocks comes wisdom; even the Church should know this, it’s written throughout the Bible in which they denied that brought us to this day.

“It’s just a very scary thing. The kids are so trusting. They can get drawn into this without realizing what they’re getting into,” Maiyer said. “They are absolutely victims. There is no minor child that chooses to become a prostitute. They have been forced or coerced or brainwashed into doing this.”

The historical response — law enforcement putting juveniles in jail — may keep perpetrators away from the girls for a few days, but is inadequate for helping victims deal with fear and shame, Maiyer said.The victims should not feel shame is the problem, if they put themselves in a horrible position they “should be” blaming those they didn’t listen to? Kids are curious, we were ALL kids, and yes we make mistakes, but you know what? – it’s the Church that shames them, not society!, and we wonder where the problem lies?

Teach faith, God will fix everything one day, right?

“I hope that this (Rahab’s Hideaway) does happen, because it’s needed,” she said. “It will be wonderful. We need restorative shelters.”

What these little devils need are jobs, where’s your hope on this? Nahhhhh, lets just control these people on the premise we’ll take care of you because your parents are broke. That’s for my following who were always ROTFLMAO!

“As long as they abide by the terms of the settlement — that there can’t be any sex offenders living there — that use is allowed,” Rice said. “(Juveniles) are definitely considered victims.”

Spon said he was concerned about the location of the proposed safe house.

“It may not be the most desirable setting, on a scale of 1 to 100. I’d much rather that young people that have been victimized like this be in a setting that is more conducive to a middle-class environment, and less transient,” he said.

But Carson said the girls’ safety will be extremely closely monitored.

“They would be supervised 24 hours a day,” she said. “These are teenagers. Kids.”

Supervised 24 hours are a day because they are victims, or because they are teenagers who are not convinced you are they way? The so-called community needs to keep a close eye on this. Doesn’t sound so warm and fuzzy to me…One could say I was a victim of my teenage years?, naaaah – I learned a lot for myself, like NEVER trust anyone but God.

But the Rahab’s Hideaway founder said she hoped the community will support the program and help out by “keeping their eyes open, and making sure these girls are safe.”

We the people should be doing this first off, the problem is…there’s laws against it too! Have you ever encountered the law in action?, many have and would agree. They are members of the MP on facebook who have plenty to share why this does not work!
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